Dec 31, 2020

Mini Review--Life After Legend II by Marie Lu


Simply put, a moment between Day and June.











Yup, today is a day for reading lots of short stories/novellas that I've had piling up while I wait for midnight (ha!) for my copy of Shadow's Legacy to arrive! Life After Legend II by Marie Lu was the preorder gift for Rebel (I think?) and I've only now just gotten around to it! Yup, months later or possibly a year or two and I just now read a 5 page story that was more like a scene.

This is similar to the first Life After Legend in that we get a simple scene between Day and June. This was after they spent time together with a group of friends and came back home for some contemplation and togetheness.

Needless to say 5 pages is even harder to review, but it was a nice special little moment between Day and June that was just sweet! Now, I just need to read Rebel to truly complete the series!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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