Dec 31, 2020

Random Thursday

It's the last Random Thursday of the year! Since I didn't uncover anything online about randomness and whatnot, we'll just stick with True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley. Since I'm also writing these posts in advance, we'll still have a while to go before I do my Disney Calendar recap of bloopers and/or fun facts that I didn't know/or possibly just didn't remember! LOL.


(image borrowed from Taste Atlas)

Marijuana and the hops in beer come from the same plant family known as the Cannabaceae family. This is also the family that has what is called hackberries.

Hackberries? Sorry, I'm picturing animals hacking up these berries! Lol!



(image borrowed from Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Georgia)

A blind chameleon can still change colors accurately to blend in its surroundings.

That's amazing!



(image borrowed from Pixar Wiki Fandom)

Starfish or "sea stars" have an eye at the end of each of their legs.

I am so confused now! Lol!



(image borrowed from Trees Atlanta)

The oldest trees in the world are only a few thousand years old. So they were not around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I wouldn't think that THOSE trees could still be kickin it. I did see the Angel Tree Charleston a few years back, long long ago when humans were able to travel the earth!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

When a worker bee mates with the queen bee, its penis explodes. And if you listen closely you can hear it pop.

Ooomg, I might have laughed when I read that!

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