Dec 30, 2020

Review--Belle Takes Flight by Kathy McCullough


The spell may be broken, but Belle's adventures have just begun! This original middle-grade novel continues the story of Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

The spell that turned the Prince into the Beast has been broken. But when he mysteriously goes missing, Belle learns that he is being held prisoner by a far-away kingdom under a spell of their own. Now it's up to her to rescue him. With the help of Lumiere, Cogsworth, and several new friends, Belle sets out on a quest that takes her farther than she's ever gone before. This original hardcover middle grade novel based on the beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is perfect for fans of The Descendents and other older Disney books.





What every Disney fan wants to know about their favorite movie is what happens after happily ever after, and Kathy McCullough's Belle Takes Flight answers that question for Beauty and the Beast. After the Beast's curse is broken and everyone in the palace is human again, the adventure is only just getting started for Belle and her new friends.

Life seems almost perfect in the castle once the Enchantress' spell was broken. But when the Prince uncovers an old music box that once belonged to his mother, he becomes despondent and won't talk to anyone, not even Belle. Belle fears the Beast might be making a return appearance, the way he withdrew from everyone after his curse. And then just as suddenly, the Prince vanishes.

Now Belle, Cogsworth, and Lumiere are going after him. They used the magic mirror to see where he was at and saw him imprisoned in a castle far away and Belle is not ready to lose the Prince only after she just found him. She will do whatever it takes to bring him home.

This middle grade read was quite the adventure. Though I was a little put off by the fact that the Beast is now the Prince. We have all the other names of every character from the movie and yet, the Beasts is only the Prince. It's weird when Belle even calls him this in her head, capital "P" Prince. I mean, I know like many of the early princes, he doesn't have a name. We already had two Prince Charmings. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "Adam" debate either. I mean, at least it's a name, but I guess because the movie lacked to give him one, almost anything feels off, but Prince feels too cold as well.

The story itself was rather cute. I know this is middle grade book so things were very much on the simple level. Simple problem, simple solution, simple adversaries and conflicts. That's not to come off as a bad thing either. It was a fitting story for the targeted audience. I think this is a story all Disney fans would enjoy. Who wouldn't love an extra adventure with their favorite Disney characters? Thankfully, we Disney fans have a whole lot of books to choose from in that regard.

I was a tad upset that even in a post-happily-ever-after story, Belle and her Prince don't get a lot of together time. That they even have a problem arise so early in their new relationship was a bit of an upset too. I wasn't looking for romance or anything like that, I just wished they could've had more time together is all.

If you're a Disney addict like myself, or know of a younger reader who would love an added Disney tale Belle Takes Flight is the perfect read to satisfy all ages! It's the right blend of Disney familiarity and newness to make any Disney fan happy.

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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