Dec 14, 2020

Let's Discuss: The Goodreads Choice Awards


This time of year we all feel that familiar annoyance when the Goodreads Choice Awards come about and how they basically suck! There are so many things wrong with these awards and like many a company, they ignore the feedback of issues and complaints people have about it.

Goodreads Choice Awards

1. The first thing wrong about the awards, that though they proclaim to be the YEAR'S Goodreads Choice Awards, it's really only January-October. Any books releasing in November and December are excluded. And they can't be in the following year's awards nominees because they were published in the previous year. There's been many a December book that I wanted in the nominees but they could NEVER be in them because they publish AFTER the awards run!

2. So we have Adult Fantasy and Adult Sci-Fi, but YA gets Sci-Fi/Fantasy, so that means only ONE genre can win! Why is that? It's so wrong!

3. The same freaking authors win the same awards year after year. Don't get me wrong, I usually enjoy that author too in some way, maybe not with the series that wins but with somethings of theirs. But it would be ice for once if a different author could win. How about have a category of "last years winners" and in that category is their next book. So then only ONE repeat winner will be had.

4. There just needs to be more categories I feel like, in all age levels. It's ridiculous how much gets left out.

How do you feel about the Goodreads Choice Awards?

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