May 22, 2021

ARC Review--Summer's Wolf by Alyssa Rose Ivy


Four Courts. Four Fae princesses in need of a shifter mate. And a war for the ages.

Coral is heir to the Summer Court, all she wants is some control over her life. Between her father's indiscretions, and a wolf from her archrival's court showing up on her doorstep, that control in not in the cards. At least not until she meets Stafford.

Stafford has a haunted past, an unfulfilling position on the protective force, and no real plans for his future. That is until he meets Coral.

As the world they know spins out of control, will they give into the intense passion between them and step up to take the roles destiny demands?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


It's time to return to the fantasy world of A Court of Shifters. Four kingdoms representing the four seasons with four princesses looking for their wolf mate so that they can come into their powers and rule their kingdom. Alyssa Rose Ivy has created yet another amazing world here that ties into her other series, in this one we are connected back to Energo as it seems worlds are colliding. In Summer's Wolf we visit the Summer court and meet Coral.

We've only heard whispers of Coral from Wren and Lacey but now we get to meet her in the flesh. Like her fellow princesses she's just going about life, when trouble finds its way into her kingdom. Coral is being expected to find her mate, create some heirs, and eventually rule her kingdom. But then fate takes control of the wheel and sends her new guards, one of which is Stafford. And like the princesses before her, when they meet, a connection is they can't fight nor want to.

It's not long before another visitor is found in their kingdom, Preston, Frost's brother. Preston is trying to get help to find said brother who is in another called Georgia! It's then that Coral receives two other visitors, two children who also come from Georgia and don't know how they came to this mystical land. I'll admit, things are getting really weird and intense! Worlds are colliding! Monsters are popping up in the courts, court members are disappearing, strangers are appearing. Things are positively nuts!

In this one the three princesses finally gather together, they are realizing something very odd is happening in their world and that they will have to put their differences aside and work together. But we're missing one, aren't we? It looks like Autumn will be the nest and likely final book of this series and what will happen then is bound to be epic!

But let's back up a bit because I got ahead of myself by diving into the story! Let's focus back on Coral and Stafford! These two clicked together very quickly! And though it can be a little too quick for me, I admit I like when we can somehow move past the awkwardness and have the couple realize they want to be together. Alyssa sure knows how to write chemistry between her starcrossed lovers! Everything is always electric! I love it!

I suppose my only complaint is that this story was just too short. Lol. I feel like there's so much more that's happening that there just doesn't seem to be enough time to realize it all. This series so far has felt far shorter than previous series installments. Which makes for nice quick reads, but I feel like I need more story. But isn't that something every reader feels with their books?

The ending was quite the jawdropper! I will fully admit, I was not expecting this direction of the story! Holy wow. This was intense and definitely a head-spinner. Thankfully, there will be another installment and I am most excited to see what Autumn's story will be and how the princesses will overcome this new obstacle!

If you're looking for a hot Paranormal New Adult series this is definitely one I'd recommend! They're fast, easy reads that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see what the next shocking twist will be!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

Summer's Wolf releases May 24, 2021

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