May 2, 2021

Mini Review--Disney Maps by The Walt Disney Company


From the fairytale forest of Snow White to the contemporary world of Toy Story, Disney and Pixar movies do an amazing job of introducing unique worlds. Those worlds have now been mapped out. Each of the twenty-four beautifully illustrated maps brings to life the movies we know and love, and each comes with further information about the movie and the characters. This is a book of maps that will please fans young and old!







Since I between reads last night I decided to pick up the Disney Maps book from the Walt Disney Company! This was a very quick little read but an intriguing read that no Disney lover should be without. It's a collection of specially drawn maps for 24 Disney movies. Some places we know well, some not as much. But the illustrations were just darling and it was fun to see the stretch of land where the well-known characters traveled on their movie journeys.

The maps were of a simple variety that showed all the key places the characters encountered during the movie. But it wasn't just a book of colorful maps, there was also a page that would give you the "blurb" for the movie, plus a short summary of key points, and then a column of something fun and interesting! This tended to vary upon the movie, like items you might have seen in Ariel's grotto, or fun facts about the Sydney Harbour from Finding Nemo. Then of course there was a page that was a key of characters. 

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites naturally! Just seeing the familiar village and castle, it was an enjoyable read. Now I find myself wanting Disney to create a similar book but one that maps out the Disney princess' castles! Like getting a picture of the castle from the inside that maps out where the library is, the ballroom, the kitchen, dining room, etc. Of course I'm thinking Beauty and the Beast with that one, but the other castles would be fun too! Like even detailing where the secret corridor is that the hypnotized Aurora traveled to find the spinning wheel. Of course this book doesn't exist. I just want it to!

All in all, this is a super quick little read and is meant for the true Disney lover who likes that little inside look into their favorite movies! The added "fun facts" from each map were a delight to read as they sometimes gave you something new to see or learn about a beloved movie.


Overall Rating 4/5 stars






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