May 25, 2021

Let's Discuss: Series Spotlight: Vampire Academy


So thinking of a discussion post hasn't been going well, as you can see! Things have just not been going well for me lately, and I could never think of something fun to discuss. But then I checked my "maybe idea" list, lol and thought this one sounded good! So here we go!

Series Spotlight: Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy was the series that brought me back to YA. It was when I discovered that there were authors who were actually writing PARANORMAL books for teens! Of course when I read this, I was outside the age group, but when has that stopped me before? Lol.

I thought this was such a fun series! Rose was a character I could totally related to. She wasn't the whiny, prissy sort of heroine that I had last read about when I was a teen reading YA. There wasn't a lot to choose from back then and the heroine was always focused on mundane things and needless to say I was bored to tears. Way back then I wasn't blogging yet but participated in Rachel Vincent's discussion board called The Pride. Anyone else remember discussion boards? Well, here I talked with a few people a lot about other books and such and they highly urged me to read Vampire Academy because it wasn't at all dramatic on normal bland issues. And I pretty much loved it!

So a few years back when they said Vampire Academy was being made into a movie I was excited! You remember movies, right? Lol. Anyway, I went to see it and walked out with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was excited for it and it wasn't bad it was just...cheesy. It didn't have that EPIC feeling I get when I see book-to-film movies. It was just eh. There was no edge, no danger, it felt almost like how I felt when reading those ordinary contemporary books just with a few people with sharp teeth who liked blood.

And as most everyone in the bookish community now knows, Vampire Academy is getting a second shot at being made into film! Though for TV this time as a series. I think it was on Peacock? I know I don't subscribe to whatever it is currently...but I will eventually! Lol! I'm excited to see a book I love be made into a TV show. I don't think I've had this happen yet on a series that I read. So I'll be interested in seeing what gets done with it and how the show will run. Are we thinking one season equals one book? Hw true will it stay to the novel? And please please please for the love of all that is holy, don't let anything happen where we are left with a book 3 cliffhanger indefinitely! Lol. It does not matter that I know what happens eventually in the series, having that ending killed! And the fact that the graphic novels ended there, killed me!

So have you read the Vampire Academy series? Did you ever see the movie? Do you plan to watch the show whenever it goes live?

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