May 20, 2021

Random Thursday


Let's dive right back into space and learn more odd facts from Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he said, "That's one small step for man." Audio analysis confirms this, meaning someone else added the second line! Dun dun dun!!!!

Dude, that's heavy!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Mars gets its red color from its oxidized soil.

I feel like I remember this from school days.

(image borrowed from The Great Courses Daily)

Did you know a comet's tail is made up of melting ice. Comets will spout tails as they get closer to the sun and the heat begins to melt off some of their ice.

(image borrowed from Youtube)

Did you know if matter and antimatter were to collide it would cause huge explosion?

(image borrowed from Forbes)

No moon in our solar system has a moon of its own. Though it wouldn't be impossible, the tidal forces between planet and moon can rip away any potential satellites.

Intriguing, I wonder if a moon will ever get a moon of its own!

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