May 26, 2021

Review--Rebel by Marie Lu


Respect the Legend. Idolize the Prodigy. Celebrate the Champion. But never underestimate the Rebel.

Eden Wing has been living in his brother’s shadow for years. Even though he’s a top student at his academy in Ross City, Antarctica, and a brilliant inventor, most people know him only as Daniel Wing’s little brother.

A decade ago, Daniel was known as Day, the boy from the streets who led a revolution that saved the Republic of America. But Day is no longer the same young man who was once a national hero. These days he’d rather hide out from the world and leave his past behind. All that matters to him now is keeping Eden safe―even if that also means giving up June, the great love of Daniel’s life.

As the two brothers struggle to accept who they’ve each become since their time in the Republic, a new danger creeps into the distance that’s grown between them. Eden soon finds himself drawn so far into Ross City’s dark side, even his legendary brother can’t save him. At least not on his own . . .

With unmatched suspense and her signature cinematic storytelling, #1 New York Times—bestselling author Marie Lu plunges readers back into the unforgettable world of Legend for a truly grand finale.


I finally picked up Marie Lu's Rebel, the epic finale to her Legend trilogy turned quartet that further expands the dystopian world she created almost ten years ago! Since I hadn't read the series in years, I decided to do the quick and dirty re-read by re-reading the graphic novels, which really did help with recapping everything that happened in the original trilogy and I was of course brought back to tears when things ended ten years later and June and Day were finally meeting again after Day's memories had been missing. Although this time we get Daniel aka Day and his brother, Eden's point of views.

Daniel and Eden have made a life for themselves in Antarctica. Daniel works for the ASI, an elite police force, if you will and Eden is finishing up college, being a prodigy himself. Though, Eden has always struggled to connect with people. The "kids" his age are more bullies than comrades. His only friend is Pressa, the janitor at the college. But Antarctica has its own series of rules where everyone has their points and the more good you do, the more privileges you have. Since Pressa comes from the "wrong side of the tracks" she pretty much has no privileges.

Then one day Eden and Pressa decide to partake in illegal drone races in the Undercity in order to win some money. Pressa wants to help buy her ailing father medicine, for that is one of the "privileges" only afforded to those who can earn points. It's there that they meet Hann Dominic who agrees to be Eden's sponsor in the races. But what Eden doesn't realize is that Dominic is not a good guy at all.

Daniel is actually working to bring Dominic in. He's a notorious crime lord who has hurt and killed many people all for his own gain. And now, he has his sights set on Eden to help him with his evil plans!

What I found so amazing about this book was really how no character in this story is a teenager anymore. In fact, I was surprised we were still calling this a YA novel since our past heroes are in their late 20s and Eden and Pressa are in their early 20s. Talk about trippy! Lol. It was still as enticing and intriguing as the original dystopian trilogy though.

And of course, what would this book be without June! June makes a return as well. She pays a visit to Daniel and Eden while on assignment with Anden, the Republic leader. And through Daniel's point of view chapters we learn that he and June have reconnected since that tiny moment after Champion. This book actually starts just a few weeks after that moment. 

I think the saddest thing of all was how June and Daniel spent an entire decade apart before reconnecting. I get that Daniel's memories weren't all the way there anymore and June was going to let him restart his life, but still it was so tragic. And yet, Daniel remembered June even if only in the vaguest recollections.

This story was also for Eden as well. For years he grew up being Daniel's little brother and he was just a young man trying to find himself, trying to find his place in the world. He wanted to help people, just like he did as a kid. 

The story definitely had its highs and lows. It's been awhile since I read a dystopian, so I guess I wasn't prepared for all the "normalcy" even with the high tech. I still enjoyed every moment of it, mostly because I was positively dying to see how things were going to truly end this time. We were given that tease of a hopeful happy ending for Daniel and June in the Champion, so naturally with an add-on to the trilogy, you were really wanting the HEA ending, for Eden too.

This is definitely a book to read if you read the original trilogy as it pretty much picks up where we left things back then. It would not be an easy read to dive into if you never read the previous books. True, the story revolves partially around Eden, it also has Daniel and June there too. The Legend quartet was an action packed amazing dystopian series that I would highly recommend if you were looking for that edgy kind of read!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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