May 31, 2021

Let's Discuss: Do You Like Big Books?


So the other day I saw a blog post We Live and Breathe Books that got me thinking and I thought I'd tackle it as well! 

Do You Like Big Books?

How big do you like your books? Is there a thing as too long of a book? Well, I feel like it depends. It depends on the genre, it depends on the author, it depends on the story. I've read many a book that I thought could've been shorter. There were just times when things began to drag and you weren't sure what the current events had to do with the plot. What was it about this moment that is helping to move the story forward, helping the heroine/hero get to their goal? Sometimes there's not an answer really. Sometimes there is. Other times it just might be a needed break for said heroine/hero from chaos, and that's fine too.

Other times you notice descriptions are just taking soooooo looooooong and that can drive me nuts. Some fantasy books might spend too much time on descriptions of this and that and you're wondering when does the story actually start.

Other questions, what is your definition of a big book? For me, I'd say anything over 500 pages. And I guess depending on your average read that could be a big book or an average book. These days it can be just over average for me.

The thing is, if the plot is still moving forward, I can enjoy a book forever, no matter how long it is. Granted I'd love to be able to read faster so I can get to the other 500 books or so in my TBR pile, but yeah, that can't always happen. Lol.

In the long run, it really just depends on the book if I like it big or not. The story is important, so as long as things are moving forward and keeping me entertained, I don't mind if it's a longer book. It's just with longer books, I wish I could have more time to read it quicker. When it takes me the course of days to read those big beautiful books, by the time I get ready to write my review, I've forgotten some of my initial feelings from the beginning of the story. So it could effect my writing the review the way I want it to be. 


So yeah, unfortunately I don't have a good answer. Yes, I love big books, but there are always other factors to consider as well. So what about you? Do you like big books?

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