May 1, 2021

Let's Discuss: Bookish Candles


So in recent years I've noticed that bookish candles have gotten really popular and I love that! Truly! But am I the only one that finds it hard to shop for candles online?

Bookish Candles

Firstly, I guess I should ask, do you buy bookish candles? How do you determine which ones to purchase? I notice lots of people buy their favorite fandoms, which is awesome! But then I notice it seems they never burn you burn you bookish candles if you buy them? I guess I don't understand buying a candle and not burning it.

For me, I love burning candles! Of course, I can usually only do it when it's not "ceiling fan" season...which can start in March and last until yeah, not many months where I can burn one. St. Louis is perpetually hot all year round apparently! Or my house is at least!

I like to buy candles that have fragrances I like, because I like to burn them. I won't buy a candle if it's a fragrance I can't stand...even if it represents a fandom that I love. I've plenty of other knickknacks that take up room, I can't fathom buying a candle I can't burn. 

Then there's the matter that I can't always buy a candle scent unsmelled--you know, like sight unseen. I mean, yeah there are fragrance indicators but it's hard to tell even with that. Like will one scent outweigh another? Is one just a hint? Then you get the fragrance titles that are purely for aesthetic purposes. I mean, I love seeing things like smells like darkness...but what does darkness smell like? Or what does this shop owner feel like darkness smells like? I don't see those too often anymore, in the beginning days I did. I mean the title is cool and all, but when you're trying to figure out what a candle will smell like scent's hard not to have the full picture.

Of course, again, this is just me. I like burning my candles, I don't keep them as keepsakes of my favorite books/fandoms. But I know we're all different and we all collect different things! I've got tons of other stuff I collect that takes up room, perhaps that's why I can't fathom the idea of adding another "item" to collect! Lol!

So what about you? What do you think of bookish candles? Do you like em, love em? How do you determine which ones you buy? Are you a fragrance or fandom shopper? Do you burn them or collect them?

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