Sep 27, 2022

Let's Discuss: Arts & Crafts


So the other day I was working on a diamond art project! It's been a work in progress for over a month now and I've come to realize, that though I enjoy some arts & crafts projects...they are really, really exhausting!

Arts & Crafts

So we all might remember the big coloring books for adults phase that was around a handful of years ago! It seemed to spark this new activity for adults that we used to do as kids! I got into it for awhile, but then grew exhausted with trying to color so many details! Lol. I guess part of the problem is that I tend to be a bit of perfectionist with things. Guess you can chalk it up to the the OCD I have when it comes to my books. I like things to look pristine!

So here I am working on a diamond art project and I find it takes a lot out of me. I'm hunched over the table as I try to perfectly center the diamond on it's little circle. Then I press down hard to make sure it sticks and begin the process over. There is the occasion where I shake the "diamonds" to get them to lie in the right position to be picked up and placed. Then I'll have to put one color away to take out another. It's a process.

It's fun in some sense, but omg, please tell me these are not marketed as a relaxing activity for adults like the coloring books were! I am not even halfway done with this piece either! I posted a progress picture last Saturday on Instagram. It's sad as I've seen others that are finished!

The other problem though is finding the time to do these projects! I mean, I work full-time and then when I'm done with work, I use my last waking hours to do a little bit of blogging, eat dinner, and then read until bedtime! It's a glamorous life! Lol. So then I'm left wondering how everyone gets so much reading done, so many other activities, meals, sleep! I mean, I get audio books can be involved and help with the reading and activity-ing at the same time.

But I wonder, how do you decide to manage your free time? We all have so many things we want to do when we aren't required to do something. I still have a stack of movies I want to watch that I've had for many Black Fridays now! And yet I didn't even think to pop one in when I was working on my activity...mainly because I was working on it an hour or so before I knew I had to go run errands and whatnot.

So how do you manage your free time? What activities do you like to do?

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