Sep 17, 2022

Let's Discuss: Struggling to Converse


So I was looking at my challenges and realized we're halfway through September and I haven't written a single discussion post! I'm struggling really hard this year it seems to find things to talk about! It felt so easy to find the most random thing to talk about in past years, but for whatever reason this year has been kicking my butt!

Struggling to Converse

Can we just link everything bad that has happened in the past 2+ years to Covid? I feel like we can. I mean in the BEFORE time I felt like I had more to talk about because I went out more. Not like every weekend or anything. If I had one book signing a month to attend I felt like the luckiest girl alive! Lol. When you're a reader you're 99% likely to be an introvert. That's definitely what I am. When the people outside of books kind of suck and aren't at all like the people inside of the books, you kind of prefer the fictional characters! Lol.

I can pretty much say all my friends in life are online friends. I don't have too many in real life friends. I can always chat people up when I go to a local signing because we obviously have at least one author in common (maybe, back in the day we sometimes had MULTI-AUTHOR signings and you never knew which ones I was there for until it was announced). But for the most part, at least one author in common.

And I don't know, I guess with those one-a-month social interactions I got to talk more and just be out and about. Now in a post-Covid world I feel like I've lost strides in being social. Or you know book social. Without book events I've less reason to leave the house, though I do to buy more books or just to get fresh air...though it's still pretty hot and humid out so "fresh air" is used lightly on that front.

But yeah...this year, for some reason I can't find enough to talk about! Before I was finding all these fun bookish tags to do, but I suck at trying to create one myself. I mean, I would struggle sometimes to answer the topics as it was. They were very creative ones too, and I guess my brain can't function in that line of creativity. I keep meaning to get back to my own manuscript but life's been crazy lately and when I finally have a few minutes to myself I don't have much energy to do a lot. 

So yeah...I already kind of got off topic with this one. Basically, my discussion posts are struggling because I am not finding I have much to say these days! I work from home, so my social interactions are getting smaller by the minute. I honestly don't mind working remote either, although it does make trying to be social a lot harder, but I love not having to sit in traffic and all that and add weather on top of that and I am even more happy to be working from home.

I went off topic again, didn't I? Kinda. Sorta. Yeah...I can talk good and long about how I can't find fun things to talk about can't I?

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