Sep 29, 2022

Random Thursday


We are down to the last three weeks' worth of factoids from Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t! So let's learn a few more totally random and bizarre facts that we can shock our friends with!

(image borrowed from World Wildlife Fund)

Not only are wild hippos found in Africa, but they can be found in Colombia as well. This is mainly due to Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin, who kept them as pets. Since his death, the hippos have continued to breed and grow in population, becoming a problem for the country.

That's bizarre!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that during WWI, Americans called sauerkraut, "liberty cabbage?" French Fries were referred to as "Freedom Fries" as well. This was apparently a way to disparage other countries by renaming certain foods.

(image borrowed from CNN)

Did you know that Christmas was banned in the American colonies in the early days? The ban lifted before the start of the American Revolution, but the holiday still took awhile to become mainstream in the States.

I mean from what little of my history I can remember, I can see this happening.

(image borrowed from Youtube)

Did you know that humans are capable of echolocation? Not everyone can do it, but some blind people have figured out a way to get around by using "clicks" in a way that is similar to how bats navigate the dark.

I would've never thought this possible!

(image borrowed from Robb Report)

The U.S. Supreme Court apparently has a secret basketball court on the fifth floor.

Okay, it's probably not "secret" since the book mentions it, but I thought it sounded cooler that way! Lol!

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