Sep 8, 2022

Random Thursday


Time for some more miscellaneous fun with Shane Carley in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t! Oddly, as I was reading today's prompts I noticed that a number gets skipped! I was going back and forth trying to see why things looked on the short side and it was because a number was skipped when labeling the factoids!

(image borrowed from Inside Out Wiki Fandom)

Did you know there is such a thing as being afraid of fear? It's called "phobiaphobia."

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that once a man in Russia had a tree growing in his lung? Doctors removed it before it got too large, but it was believed that he might have inhaled the seed and it was able to grow. Doctors were skeptical about the claim, but the results (not shown above) spoke for themselves.

That's freaky!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that Jean-Jacques Rousseau had a spanking fetish? And that he was very up-front about it?

You think you know a guy...

(image borrowed from Wiktionary)

One time, in 1929, a live cat was turned into a working telephone attaching electrodes to the cat's brain once hooked up to an amplifier.

That's just weird.

(image borrowed from Facebook)

Did you know that nuclear fallout was measured in "sunshine units?" It was comedian, George Carlin who brought attention to this fact and it ended up prompting a change.

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