Sep 28, 2022

Let's Discuss: Squishmallows


Yup, two discussions in one week! I'm trying to make better numbers on this challenge! I used to talk about weird stuff all the time. I don't know if Covid has had an effect on the weird stuff I learn that sparks a discussion or what. Because I feel like I haven't had these weird questions pop in my head that sparked a discussion post! Today, it's a little bit of weird one. So business as usual!


I feel like it was only a year or two ago that I started learning what these things were about! And omg, they are so cute and squishy! Lol. It's this generation Beanie Babies fad! Any other 90s kids here remember those? Omg, those guys were nuts! And of course now every single one of them is worthless! Especially if they have their tags cut off...which all of our "old, rare" ones do, because we played with them! Just those weird games kids make up on the fly. I remember in our house, we originally had this weird teal colored carpet in the living resembled the sea. So, naturally, the Beanie Babies would hang out on the blanket boat while all the water ones swam alongside of them! Lol.


But back to these Squishmallows! They are so darn cute! You might have noticed one in my Halloween giveaway last year. I feel like that's when they started popping up in my area. I mean, I occasionally google them...mainly in this Halloween season trying to find cute ones. And omg, the resellers must live next to the factory or something because I seen TONS. Like ones I never ever see in the store and I'm wondering where they get them because oddly, the website rarely has any seasonal ones in stock.

They are just this crazy thing kids like to collect and adults too apparently. Many a time I've stopped by Five Below and see a line that I join to snag a cutie! Granted, I believe a lot of these adults are just reselling them online for double because I've seen the ones I have bought for $4.50 for around $10-$15. Yeah.

That they come in so many sizes is crazy too! I like the wee mini ones, like the koala and cat next to that gray owl on the right in front. Those usually range in the $5-$6 price and look great on the bookshelves for the holidays! Lol. I don't know, they just have these cute little faces and they're super soft because sometimes we all need a hug and these guys are definitely huggable! Lol.

So yeah, weird post here. What's your stance on stuffed animals? Or Squishmallows? Or even Beanie Babies? Do you get the craze? Were you apart of it? What Squishmallow creature would you want?


**Also note, this picture is one I found online. It's in no way my collection! Lol!

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