Dec 5, 2023

Let's Discuss: Long Books


It was literally as I was writing up that last post that I thought of another discussion idea! Just a little one...about BIG BOOKS!

Long Books

So when you encounter that deliciously long book, one that is over 500 pages...when do you decide to read it? I am SOOO behind on Jennifer Armentrout's books these days because her books have turned deliciously long! Then I am still behind in Sarah J. Maas' Crescent City books as those are delightfully long too!

I am a slow reader. I used to get by with my challenges as I had a job where I sat at a desk and answered phone calls and greeted guests...I didn't have much to do. My manager said I could read if I wanted, so I did! Lol. I mean why not? So yeah, I read all day just like I used to when I was on summer break!

Nowadays, I work all day. Yes, I take a break, but it's never long enough and then I read for awhile before bed, but then I eventually go to bed at an ungodly early hour as I wake up ungodly early to exercise before I start work. So you see why I wish I didn't need to sleep. That I could just go all night and day and still be perfectly healthy!

So when I encounter that book that's over 500 pages or over 700 pages I want time to read it without interruptions! I want to dive in and not come out until I'm ready for a meal or bed when it's whatever time I am too tired to keep going! Lol. So yes, my epically long reads from Jennifer and Sarah get set aside until I'm on a vacation of sorts. Sadly, all my last road trips I had to go solo, so I couldn't even read them then either!

I'm hoping maybe the week of Christmas I can read one of these babies! Yeah, I'll probably have to juggle my reading queue again, but it might be worth it! Lol.

So when you get your hands on one of these epically long novels, do you tend to read it asap or save it for a "rainy day/week" when you can devote the time it deserves to be read uninterrupted?

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