Mar 20, 2012

Cover Copy Reveal--Sin's Dark Caress

Hey all! Tracey commented on my post the other day when I was showing off her very fine cover! She even gave me the back of the book description, so have at it!

An ancient darkness has risen from the ashes…and terror has been loosed upon an unsuspecting world.

Forensic witch Bianca Sin has never seen anything like it: homeless teenage girls torn to pieces by dark magic in the cold shadows of the city. More terrifying still is the symbol written in blood on an alley wall—the unmistakable seal of the Dark Brethren.

Teaming up with NYPD homicide detective Lancelot McManus and an elite task force headed by the shapeshifter Oberon DuPrie, Bianca knows her worse fears have finally come to pass. A new war of annihilation is looming that will plunge the worlds of vampire, shapeshifter, and human into chaos—and two adversarial tribes locked in uneasy truce will need to take up arms together to save the children. Trust will be essential for Sin and McManus, as the hunt forces them to confront their deepest terrors.

For the ultimate evil is no longer approaching.

It’s here. 

FREAKING AWESOME!! I sooo hope Netgalley gets this again, I believe last year they had Tracey's release for 2011! Fingers crossed!

Sin's Dark Caress releases July 1, 2012

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