Mar 8, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay today's a rant day! As you may know, I loooove Disney movies--the classics I grew up with. But you know what I absolutely HATE about Disney?

The cursed Disney Vault! It's sooo evil and annoying! They lock up all the Disney classics and you have to wait, possibly years, to get a movie you really want. My poor niece will be waiting years to get some of the classics for her collection. I mean really. She hasn't even seen Cinderella yet because of the vault. Luckily that one comes out later this year.

But she doesn't have The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and some of the others. 

What prompted this was a few weeks ago I really wanted to watch Mulan, but I only have a VHS and I wanted to watch it on DVD. Well, damn my luck because it's been locked inside the vault. Only to be released whenever Disney feels like it. It's just sooo annoying to have to wait.

I've looked on Amazon and other places, but no one has it. At least none at a good price. I don't feel like paying double, triple, quadruple the price of a standard DVD. Plus I don't always like buying used movies. 

So that was my rant on the cursed Disney vault. If there are Disney movies out that you remember and liking, I say buy them now--if they're out--because otherwise you might be waiting 10 years for another release.


  1. The Disney vault is absolutely one of THE WORST things ever created. I had the same trouble when I was trying to find a copy of Beauty and the Beast. Luckily, it was brought out of the vault two years ago and it was all I asked for my birthday that year. But jeez, really? Some of them are easier to find than others outside of the time they're "out of the vault" but still, you don't want to have to buy used movies. :/ Totally understand and relate to your rant.

  2. OK... secretly I laugh at the people who have trouble with the vault.. only because I own every disney movie EVER and buy them as soon as they come out! ! (evil laugh) but for real though I do feel bad for you. I just love Disney (I have no kids) so that is why I have them. I can understand others who don't love disney but then kids pop up in their lives and then they want the movie only to find out they can't get it!!! I'll admit.. i have been waiting FOREVER for Disney to re-release Hercules on blu-ray!!



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