Mar 22, 2012

Hungry Hungry Games!

So I've subscribed to Woot Daily Digest! Everyday they show me the featured shirt, I've bought 2 so far, waiting for the second one to come in the mail still. But this was today's shirt!

I haven't read the Hunger Games so I won't be seeing the movie. The book just didn't catch my interest, but I saw this shirt and got a chuckle out of it! I hope those who are fans won't take it too personally or anything, I just thought it was funny! Even if I had read the books, I would probably buy this shirt! It's just cute and funny!

So if you are a fan and are interested in getting the shirt, or just want the shirt regardless, it's at Shirt.Woot!

The shirts are pretty nice! Basic quality, for the most part they're just $12 and free shipping in the US, $5 for international orders!

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