Mar 22, 2012

Random Thursday

Today I 'm making it an Author Spotlight! I had one author I was going to talk about, but that ended up being last Friday's Hop topic! So I quickly changed it! Easy peasy!

Anyway, today I want to mention how awesome Jeannie Holmes' books are! She's written 2 books in what is known as the Alexandra Sabian series! Set in our world, that is in the know of vamps, Alex is a FBPI, she enforces the vamp population of Jackson, Mississippi. 

The books are really good! Read them when they released these past 2 years, so my memory is fuzzy at the moment! I only remember that the mystery elements were fab! The characters awesome! It was just an incredible and fun series!

I recently found out that the publisher hasn't bought a third book from Jeannie! Horror of horrors! But Jeannie is still writing it, so who knows, maybe someday it will be out in the world for us to read! In the meantime I want to recommend that you all read these books! Buy them! They are awesome reads!

When I reviewed the first book, Blood Law, I wasn't in the rhythm of blogging, so I didn't have a rating. But I would still give it 5/5! There's action, lost love reuniting! Secrets, murder! All so many interesting bits to read!

This is definitely a must read for all paranormal fans! If you love the edgy UF books, these will so fit the bill! I think I must say that Blood Secrets was my fave! It went more into Alex's past and brought up some pretty serious stuff and memories!

I sooo hope that there's hope for this series. So again, I urge you to buy these books! Already planning on getting these for my friend come Xmas! 

For my reviews of Blood Law and Blood Secrets, just click the titles in this sentence!

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  1. I've not heard of these. I really like the covers. Go red heads!! No I am not a red head , but my son is:D
    Thanks for sharing...* thud* on the tbr pile.



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