Mar 29, 2012

Random Thursday

Does anyone else remember the old Disney cartoons they used to have on Disney Channel? Like the Mickey Mouse cartoons! Those were fun!

Some other faves that I was thinking of were ones that were like the spin offs from the movies! Such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and even Goof Troop!! I remember when I was little my mom would tape them for me so I had something to watch whenever I wanted! I might still have them but their condition is probably spotty!

Aladdin was kind of what happens after the first movie--but I guess they ignored the fact that they got married. Perhaps this was everything that happened before that! It's funny because at the end of the first movie we're led to believe that they did get married and fly off into the moonlight on Carpet, yet it's not til a movie later, with the third one that they actually got married. What's up with that?!

The Little Mermaid was all Ariel's adventures before the first movie! Which is funny because I remember an episode of two where Ursula was there, but in the movie it was like the first time Ariel met her!

Goof Troop, I can't remember too much about it, besides Goofy, Max, Pete and his son, daughter and wife! It was just Goofy being goofy! 

Regardless they were all entertaining! You know from a kid's p.o.v.! Heck, I'd watch em still, but I don't think they are on anymore. They used to be on Toon Disney when we still had it, but then that changed to Disney XD, because they no longer played cartoons on it.

And that's another thing, what's up with the cartoon channels like that and even Cartoon Network playing not-cartoon shows? That's just stupid. I like cartoons, I'm 24 and I like cartoons yet there are hardly any good ones on anymore! I have to buy them on DVDs and then it's still a pain to load them in the player because I just want some nonsense on--that's bearable--while I do this and that!

What other cartoons do you guys remember watching? Anything Disney in particular?

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