Mar 31, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Well-Recommended Books That Don't Really Attract You

*in no particular order

Oh this is a hard topic! It's going to make some people upset that I can't get hooked on popular reads! Please don't take any offense to the titles that I am about to show you!

by Suzanne Collins

Even before the popularity and the movie making of this series, it was one that I just couldn't get into. The premise just didn't grab at my attention enough.

by Lauren Kate
This is a series that seems to be hit or miss with some people. And after reading reviews I kinda came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to be the one for me. The covers are absolutely gorgeous though!!

by Lauren Oliver

This is another one that I know is popular yet it just didn't really grab my attention when I went to look into it. It's funny, my sister is reading these books that aren't really grabbing my attention!

by Allie Condie

Apparently I'm not doing well with dystopian novels! I like some, but I am just much more interested in a book if there's some sort of paranormal element going on!

by Cassandra Clare

I see these around a lot! Especially the one that's about to release this year. These just didn't really grab my attention when I looked into them. They still sound a little intriguing. I just don't think I'll ever take the time to read them.


  1. Gasp! Omg. This is so funny cause all of these except for fallen or in my top favorite series. Just curious did you read them or the description just didnt catch your attention? If you would read one series i highly recommend you give the city of bones a chance. Great list!

    Btw. In response to your earlier comment on my blog. Im suprised i got Kill me softly. I always request titles on netgalley from egmont and i never even get a response. This is my first egmont title. Oh and i request books way more than once. Sometimes i get approved the first time. Sometimes the third. Sometimes never.

    Old follower.
    Nereyda @mostly YA Book Obsessed

  2. Now I really liked the Hunger Games books, but I can agree with you on the others. Read Delirium and the first 2 Fallen books, but wasn't very impressed. Felt like I'd read them before. The other two don't interest me at all, I'm afraid.

    Which books have I no intention of ever reading? Catcher in the Rye, War and Peace, the Game of Thrones series. Life's too short to read books you don't want to (except for school.)

  3. WOW! Okay... I so did not except seeing hunger games and TMI lol

    The hunger games sat on my shelves for about a year and i wasn't interested in it. Then the official cast for the movie came out and i said, ok maybe i should read this before i watch the movie. But still couldn't make myself to read it for months. Then my friends managed the impossible and convinced me and i picked up and started to read and was stunned. I can say, that i'm addicted to the story, the charaters, the world of Hunger Games. I didn't really enjoyed the first couple of pages, but after i couldn't put down. And i wasn't a fan of Dystopian novels, neither YA books... which leads me to the TMI series. I Love it! If nothing else, you should read it because of Jace. He'll crack you up. And the books are just getting better and better. It's one of my few YA series exception i'm actually willing/love to read.

    As for the other... i'm not interested in them either, especially not the Fallen series... :)

  4. Jessica,

    Now I am going to give you my fave YA series...if you like the style of HArry Potter, with lots of great writing and imagination and characters...then READ THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS..OMG!!! I LOVE this series. I have put soooo many people/friends on to it. YA, sure....but Jace gorgeous and real.

    Michelle:D hehe!!


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