Mar 3, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Best Books Turned into Movies!

*in no particular order

Funny, since this was the Friday's hop topic! And I usually am not a total fan of books turned to movies since the movies don't always get it right. But I'll give it a try! Never thought 5 would be so many this week!


Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the best books turned to movies! The movies did incredible! They stayed pretty true to the novel, all though I did have a few issues with movie 4, when Dobby is replaced with Neville,but it's okay, they are still awesome!


All right, this one requires explaining! Greg Cox wrote Blood Enemy which was  a prequel to Underworld, his version of how the war was started with the lycans and vampires. It's a little different than what the movie did, but I still thought it was awesome! That this book that was made after the first movie--might have--inspired there to be another one years later!


I saw the movie about a million times before I was old enough to read the book, and I thought the movie was actually better! There were a few things I didn't like in the book, but Steven really brought Peter's book to life I thought! Even if Bruce--what he nicknamed the mechanical shark--was a pain the you know what!


This was another good one! Although the endings are totally different and opposite! Think I actually liked the movie one better! But yeah, besides that and from what I can remember, the movie was pretty true to the novella!


Yes, a kid's book because this was an insanely hard Top 5 to do this week! This was probably my fave Dr. Seuss movie and in honor of his birthday this past Friday, I choose this one! It's been years since I read the book, but I do remember most of the story and I thought Ron Howard totally created an awesome movie here! Jim Carrey was the best Grinch ever! It's definitely in my top 5 Xmas movies too!


  1. I really have to see the Grinch movie. I've wanted too, but I've been kind of scared to.

  2. Great choices!!!
    And for The Mistress of the Dark.. you HAVE to see The Grinch!!

    Here's mine:

  3. Let's hope The Hunger Games make it on this list. :)
    My favorite book to movie was The Constant Gardener by John LeCarré. In fact, I watched the movie first, and was later very disappointed in the book, which was a first.

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library


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