Mar 1, 2012

Random Thursday

Does anyone remember the whole thing with the cereal boxes and how the characters' eyes always seemed to be looking at you no matter where you stood?

I got to thinking about that awhile back. And just how creepy it is!! I mean as a kid you don't think of it, but as an adult you might, at least once it's pointed out to you. Goes in that whole creepy category of kid things like creepy porcelain dolls and dollhouses!

The whole thing was a marketing scam. Basically just to get you to buy it. They put the boxes at kid's level and they see the box, the box sees them and they think SUGAR! Why not buy it?! Throw it in the cart and move on.

Did you ever notice how the Cherrios box kinda has a face on it? It's made from the strawberries:

While looking for the pics, I also came across Boo Berries and Fraken Berry cereal! I soooo remember them! They use to be out all the time, they were pals with Count Chocula!

OOoh this also reminds me of this seriously funny video with the cereal box characters all in group therapy! I tried to get the video in my post, but I wasn't allowed to embed it according to YouTube. So annoying!

So if you have the time, the video is like 2 minutes and ten seconds and it's just funny and has quite the ending, so don't let kids watch with you or anything, it's also inappropriate with swearing.

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