May 14, 2012

ARC Review--The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

In New York City, 1897, life has never been more thrilling - or dangerous.

Sixteen-year-old Finley Jayne and her "straynge band of mysfits" have journeyed from London to America to rescue their friend Jasper, hauled off by bounty hunters. But Jasper is in the clutches of a devious former friend demanding a trade-the dangerous device Jasper stole from him...for the life of the girl Jasper loves.

One false move from Jasper and the strange clockwork collar around Mei's neck tightens. And tightens...

I received this e-ARC from the publisher via Netgalley

Another fabulous read from Kady Cross! The Girl in the Clockwork Collar was a stunning read! Whenever I read these novels I get swept away into another world. Really another time, since this time around the gang heads to the States.

Jasper has been "kidnapped" and is wanted for the murder of man back when he was living in San Francisco, yet he ends up in New York. And the man who kidnapped him is a man he crossed years ago. Dalton wants Jasper to retrieve the pieces of this machine he dissembled and scattered over the state. If he doesn't do as he's told, his friend, the girl he loved from long ago, Mei, will be hurt by the collar she is forced to wear. One wrong move and the collar tightens.

Finley and her friends are determined to save Jasper and do whatever it takes. Even if it means Finley has to team up with the dastardly Dalton (couldn't help but use the alliteration!)! Griffin worries that Finley will like working with Dalton too much, that her dark side will take her over and he'll lose her forever.

I truly love this world Cross has created! I thought steampunk would be hard to get into, and it can be if the author gets carried away with all the gizmos and other steam powered gadgets. But Cross doesn't make it too heavy. Her characters are just so rich and lively they fly off the pages! Em with her lilt and brain! Sam with his muscle and sarcasm! Griffin with his undying loyalty towards his friends! And Jasper, we really get to see another side of him and it's just heart-rending! 

The story itself was wonderful too! There are many surprising twists along the way. Some shocking, others maybe not as much. There are hints and twists everywhere! And one or two might find themselves being in the next book for sure!

There's romance, action, suspense and twists within these pages! I highly recommend this series! It's fantastic! Finley is an awesome character, I love her strength and how she can be a tough and yet vulnerable girl! And her friends are just too awesome for words. Together they make for one band of butt-kicking misfits!

Overall rating 5/5 stars

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar releases May 22, 2012


  1. Hoping to read this one and the first book this week, have heard great things about it.

  2. I haven't read the first book yet, but I'm not sure if I'd like steam punk books. I'm glad you loved it though!

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