May 17, 2012

Random Thursday

It's time for another author spotlight!! This week is one of my fave authors that I remember reading when I was still in middle school or high school. I think the first book was out possibly when I was in 8th grade, unless it was when I was just starting high school...regardless, the author I am speaking of is none other than Marianne Curley!

Marianne is an Aussie author, so I haven't had the chance to meet her. But I have been in love with her books ever since I first read Old Magic in 2002.

This was seriously one of my most fave books ever! In a time when find magic and/or paranormal books in the YA section at Borders was scarce, I did a LOT of re-reading! And I had to have re-read this book around 10 times at least! It was incredible! It was a standalone, but still amazing! Magic, time traveling, good vs. evil and just plain awesomeness! I have no review of it since this was wayyyyy before I started blogging, but all I can say it was incredible!

Her other series she wrote was a trilogy known as the Guardians of Time! Another great series! There was more magic and more time traveling. But in a different sense. Naturally though, this had the story lengthened. It was really good, although I remember a delay in the third book due to the author having personal issues. But once she was well again, it came out! And you can bet I devoured that one in just a few short days.

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And now I am happy to announce that Marianne will be having a NEW release this year!!! It's been a very loooong time and I am super excited for this! The Hidden will be released October 16, 2012.

There's no cover yet, but here's the description from goodreads:

When baby Ebony is snatched from the midwife, she is rent not only from her parents but also her betrothed. In her world, a special bond is formed with one other being - for eternity. But Ebony is no longer in her world; she has been hidden in ours. An angel on earth. Earth was the best place to conceal Ebony, to keep her from her kin who desperately seek her, and to keep Ebony from discovering for herself who she really is. But Ebony is coming of age, and then no one will be able to hide her true origins. She will be 'visible', and the one who stole her away will come back to claim her. But who will reach her first?

I can't even begin to describe how happy I was to hear that Marianne was having another new release! I last read The Key in 2005 when it came out in hardcover, so it's been 7 long years!! I am just happy to be getting a new magical book from this author! It's really hard to put into words my excitement!

Marianne was one of the first authors I read in my magic craze! Since paranormal was hard to come by I read some magic themed books that were really good and Marianne was one of those authors I could devour over and over!!

I'll be sure to post the cover art for this one was it's released!


  1. I've actually never heard of this author, but I have a thing for Aussie authors. I kind of wish I was an Aussie...I think that's why :)

    Lovely post!

  2. OMG...I read Old Magic years ago, and totally forgot the name and the author! Looks like I have some new books for my TBR!


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