May 29, 2012

Movie Review--The Avengers

I finally saw The Avengers yesterday and to sum it up: FREAKING AWESOME!

I love the comic book movies, which is odd since I've never read comic books--besides Scooby Doo ones as a kid! But this movie was incredible!!

7 Super Heros, including Nick Fury who is their sorta boss.

Loki--from Thor [which I still have on my DVR to watch in its entirety]--has returned to Earth. He plans to rule the planet, seriously. And to do that he will open a portal between worlds and bring in these alien-like monsters and basically destroy humanity.

On a side note, I don't think I would ever want to live in NYC, that city has drawn wayyy too much attention to every monster and psycho path ever, Godzilla, and several others that I cannot think of at the moment!

Moving on, Nick Fury who already has the Black Widow and Hawkeye in his employ at Segue and now has Captain America--unfrozen and alive apparently since I didn't see that movie--and needs to get the help of Bruce Banner and his other "friend" and Tony Stark as well. He is drawing in every possible resource to bring Loki down before he destroys the world.

But he is short a team member since Loki basically kidnaps and uses mind control on him. But the superheros are not all getting along. Go figure. Which I found a little interesting, they don't necessary argue who's better, but there's arguments over on how to handle things.

It's not until they have Loki in their grasp that Thor makes an appearance! I officially love Chris Hemsworth now or have since the little bits of Thor I saw! Thor wants to take care of Loki in his own way since he is still in trouble back home. And this then causes more problems amongst the group.

It's not until the sh*t really hits the fan that they start to cooperate and work together. You knew they would, so that's not a spoiler! They all use their own special abilities and powers to try to bring Loki and his alien-like buddies down and save NYC.

The movie is not without its comedy. We have Iron Man aka RDJ in it, and his character is pretty snarky I think, so there's definitely some chuckle moments. And some during the BIG fight scene that involve the Hulk! I did not expect to laugh that much! OMG, he was riot!

What I also liked was that with some of the characters, we got to see them negotiate protection for their lady loves. Although, Pepper Potts was actually there for a few moments with a few lines! So that was cool, cannot wait for Iron Man 3 next year and Thor 2 as well!

The ending was good, and as I said there was is a Thor 2 in the works, so you kind of know who some of the casualties won't be. There are casualties, one a somewhat regular that took me by surprise. Was actually a little teared up about that. Although he did go out with some style. Won't say who, for that is a spoiler!

Overall a helluva movie! I totally loved it! A good action movie is hard to come by in regards to my standards, although after seeing the preview, I do kinda want to see The Expendables 2 now!

Overall movie rating 5/5 stars


  1. I loved it too!!! I have seen it twice already!!


  2. I loved this movie!

    captcha: I33-46. bertook
    seriously? getting crazy lol

  3. I went and saw this on my birthday and I loved it too! Glad to see that you enjoyed it as much as I did. I mean, who couldn't enjoy it (besides all the action and good jokes) with all those hot guys in it! ;D

  4. Yes, awesome, thank you! I LOVED this movie. Sexy actors, lots of action, an a sense of humor! So fantastic!


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