May 26, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Books/Series You'd Rather Didn't Become a Movie/TV Show!

*in no particular order


 This was one of my all time fave reads! I would be afraid a movie or TV show would just ruin it for me. The special effects likely would be bad and basically I think the movie magic would take away the "magic" of the book.


The book that started my paranormal (vampire) obsession. Once again, I would be afraid special effects would ruin the book's magic! I looooved this one! And yes it did help that heroine was named Jessica, who was a writer, of vampire novels! ;)


Sorry for the small pic, I wanted to use the cover picture that I own! This was why I was so attracted to the series in the beginning, because it just looked kinda mysterious! This was one of the best paranormal young adult series I have ever read! It was one of the first ones really! And while it took longer to get to books 5 & 6 with the publishing world, I adored it! That being said, I think film might ruin it for me. And besides, can Hollywood really find the hot cowboy to play Jesse? Unlikely.


I think this could be good in film someway, but I just don't think it could live up to my standards! I soooo love this series. Totally dying in agony right now for the fourth book--which doesn't have any info circulating yet. I don't think any actor could live up to the characters well at all. And if they ruin Riley for me by putting the wrong actor in his role, it would kill me. Riley is freaking awesome!


I love love love love love this series! And unfortunately I think film might ruin it. I don't think it could really capture the beauty and freaking awesomeness that is the Study Trilogy! The characters are all so wonderfully built. It is just incredible! And plus with the magic that occurs, I think special effects would ruin it too.

That being said if any of these books/series did become film--movie or TV show, I would still watch it! I would have to. But most likely I would end up bashing the film for possibly ruining an epic read! ;)

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  1. I havent read any of theose... But I so totally understand the fear of something you love being ruined... And I m also with you that I would totally watch it as well lol


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