May 13, 2012

Stacking the Shelves

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Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

So I was a bad girl this week. I bought more books! It really really started to hit me how many books I have yet to read. How much else I still need to do on a daily basis. I realized I will likely never clear my TBR pile. But oh well!

This week I got:

 Spells by Arpilynne Pike
Illusions by Aprilynne Pike
Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

So since I have the first Wings book on my kindle from ages ago, got the fourth book in ARC format at RT, I decided to get books 2 and 3! Plus Aprilynne, along with a few other authors are coming to St. Louis in July for the Supernatural Days, or something like that, tour! So hopefully I will get at least one of the books done, since Veronica Roth is another of the authors coming, I need to read her book too! Along with a million others! It's scary! And plus I felt like I had to buy Aprilynne's books since I had a 25% off coupon at B&N and on top of that I get another 10% off, so yeah, my arm was really twisted this weekend! ;)

EDIT: Forgot to add this one in, it's not a book, but still super cool and paranormal related. I ordered this online with a giftcard I've had since Xmas.

I do apologize if the pic is too big. I have not been able to figure out how to resize it, it appears properly when I see it, hence the reason why I never know it takes over my blog! But's a Jim Shore figure--which I love, especially Disney related one--but it is the Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World!! I thought it was too cool to pass up, and I actually did pass it up once, but then it came back and I had to buy it! The Haunted Mansion is of my all time fave rides at Disney World! It even glows in the dark and the lamps on top light up too! 

So what did you get?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!



  1. Woot! Great haul, Jessica! And I totally know what you mean about buying way too many books... that's why I try my best to stay out of book stores when I'm feeling particularly bookish. :P Enchanted seems great! It's been on my TBR list for quite some time now, so I should really pick it up. And OMG you are so freaking lucky you got an ARC of Sweet Evil!! So jealous! :P Thanks for stopping by My IMM!

    Enjoy your books hun!


  2. This is the fisrt I hear of Aprilynne Pike. Is she any good? :)

  3. I saw Spells and Illusions at the store the other day and wanted them instantly! Thanks for stopping by! StS

  4. You got a nice collection of books. I know I had Wings on my stack once upon a time. I donated it to my high school media center during one of my "I'll never get time to read these" purges. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my posts.

  5. Oh wow, what a great haul! Love all of those covers, too! I especially want to read Sweet Evil from this collection. I've heard SO many good things about it. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

  6. Love it! YOU TOTALLY need to read Sweet Evil RIGHT NOW!

  7. Wings wasn't for me but I hope you'll enjoy the others as well. I love the covers of enchanted and sweet evil. happy reading!

  8. I have Wings on the kindle app, but it was so hard to read on this little phone! I loved what I did get to though.

    I loved the cover of Sweet Evil, but it dodnt really deliver.

  9. Sweet Evil looks really good! I can hardly wait to get to it :) I LOVE a good sale too. Wish I had myself a coupon when I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday :)

  10. Wow, major cover lust at your blog this week, Jessica. I've been very curious about Enchanted for a while now.
    Here's my Showcase Sunday

  11. Those B&N coupons twisted my arm as well. And I'm sure they'll twist our arms again right before Father's Day next month. I look forward to you thoughts on Enchanted.

  12. Awesome books this week!! I really need to get a copy of Sweet Evil!!

    Enjoy all your new reads and thanks for stopping by :)

  13. I have an ARC of Enchanted sitting on my shelves and I know it's just waiting to be read! Nice haul hun!

  14. I dont think I will ever clear my tbr pile either. I hoping to read sweet evil this week too!

  15. I'm so jealous of Sweet Evil and Enchanted! I can't wait to read both of them. I hope you enjoy everything and thanks for checking out my IMM + Weekly Wrap Up!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  16. I can totally understand how you couldn't resist these beautiful covers, Rebecca! I'm very curious about Enchanted and hope you like all your reads! ;)

  17. Really cute decoration you got! So cool :)

  18. Great haul! I NEED to get Sweet Evil and Enchanted!!! I love the idea of kissing a frog and turning it into a prince. I also want to start the Wings series. Thanks for stopping by My Stack!

  19. I got Sweet Evil too! It looks so good. I can't wait to start it. I hope that you enjoy your new books!

    Ladybug Storytime

  20. Love the figure! Also love Pike's series - great stuff!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  21. Sweet Evil is on my wish list, it looks good! I have Wings that's been sitting on my shelf for about a year of Aprilynne Pike's, I really should find the time to read it, they all look great!

    Same with Enchanted, sounds so good and totally on my wish list!

    I hope you have a great week, what an awesome mailbox, I hope you love them all!

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  22. Awesome haul of books! I really want to read Enchanted, everyone keeps gushing how awesome it is! I also have Sweet Evil on my TBR shelf, hopefully we both will enjoy it! I haven't read Spell series yet, but I hope you love it! :)

    Happy reading, Jessica! Oh, and the figure is very lovely. <3

  23. Sweet Evil! I got it as well, and am dying to get started on it. :) I hope you enjoy all your awesome new reads!

  24. I can't wait to read Sweet Evil! It definitely has an interesting storyline :)

    Thanks for sharing... Book Enslaved

  25. Love the disney!
    Happy reading, I am excited for Sweet Evil as well.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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