May 24, 2012

Random Thursday

So today's randomness is old Nickelodeon game shows!

Does anyone else remember these from the 90s?

My favorite was Legends of the Hidden Temple!! I always wanted to be a contestant, because I thought the obstacle course looked wicked awesome!

Or of course there was the other endurance show. EDIT: It was GUTS I now learned and of course I totally remember it now that it was brought up!

This was one that was more like Olympic Games for kids or something. It was entertaining, but not one of my fave game shows.

OOh there was also Figure it Out! I liked that one! I tried to play it as well, by not listening when the kid said what their talent was. I also liked watching the Nick stars that I liked back then get slimed! Poor Danny Tamberlli, he was always getting slimed it seemed!

Another one I remember while searching for these pics was Double Dare! Can't remember that one too much, but from the few picks I remember it being fun too! I was usually cheering the people on at home, you know while hopping up and down and shouting RUN RUN RUN! Or whatever! :)

Ahhh, the 90s! They really did have a lot of good shows on back then, even if they are hokey looking now!

What shows do you remember watching when you were a kid?


  1. LOL I think you mean "GUTS" for the "GAS" show, but man, I love reading your Random Thursday posts just for the nostalgia. I loved Legends of the Hidden Temple, too, mostly for the history lesson, but the obstacles looked like such fun. Thanks for making me giggle this morning!

  2. OMG how I love Nick game shows! Especially Legends of the Hidden Temple. GAS was a block of shows, it stood for Games and Sports

  3. OMG I was actually thinking about those shows the other day!


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