May 15, 2012

Eternal Kiss of Darkness!!

Awesome news! Eternal Kiss of Darkness is being re-released at a special price of $1.99 (ebook) with a special sneak peek at Once Burned!! You will get to read not one, but three chapters of Once Burned too!!

But it is for a limited time, so hurry! If you have not read the Night Huntress WORLD books, you really should! We get to see more of the other vamps that we only get glimpses of in the Night Huntress SERIES.

For instance, this book is Mencheres' story! And I have to say that I looooved getting a better look at this guy! There's only 2 in the spinoff so far. Most of us are hoping for an Ian book one day, but I admit that Jeaniene did make a good point at a panel that Ian has to be ready to tell a story, and you know settle down. With one woman. Otherwise he's not the Ian I know and love! ;)

Here's the description from Amazon:

For a limited time, and at a special price, discover Eternal Kiss of Darkness by New York Times bestselling paranormal romance author Jeaniene Frost. Plus, receive the first three chapters of her new Night Prince novel, Once Burned, available wherever books are sold June 26.

In Eternal Kiss of Darkness, after four thousand years among the undead, very little catches Master Vampire Mencheres off guard. So when a petite but brave-hearted private investigator interrupts his fight with a gang of ghouls, he's prepared to patch her up and erase her memory before sending her on her way. But the bronze-haired beauty's mind is impenetrable, and the seasoned vamp may just be in for a surprise or two . . .

Kira Graceling long ago promised herself that she'd never again be a victim-and she'll do her best to protect innocents around her. So when she dives head first into a brawl, and finds herself whisked away by a startlingly handsome stranger, she makes it clear she won't be at anyone's mercy.

Mencheres is also no stranger to betrayal, and as sizzling tension ignites, will the millennia-old vampire and the world weary officer finally learn to trust—or love—again?

Also check out the NEW book trailer for the book:

And remember this is a LIMITED TIME offer!! For more details, and info on a special contest, see Jeaniene's post here.


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