Jul 28, 2012

ARC Review--Rivals and Retributions by Shannon Delany

A rival wolf pack puts more pressure on the Rusakova family by making a bold move against Jessie in hopes of pushing Pietr beyond the cure. Realizing the impact of Pietr’s change, Alexi rushes to find a permanent solution to the life sentence lycanthropy brings in hopes of also remedying an unexpected side-effect that may finally destroy the relationship between Pietr and Jessie. Unsatisfied with his role in the pack, Gabriel is determined to be rid of Pietr permanently. Meanwhile, at Junction High, the company’s meddling with the school food may have stopped but it doesn’t mean things have gotten easier--it is still high school. With the enrollment of the rest of the pack’s pups, new bonds are made and tested. But Dmitri’s influence is far-reaching and even pacifist Gareth must make a dark decision or risk the destruction of everything he holds dear.

I received this ARC on loan from Christin at Portrait of a Book, thanks again Christin!

This is the finale! Shannon Delany's 13 to Life series comes to an end with Rivals and Retributions and I must say it was heart-pounding! Heart-stopping even! You all know I am in love with this series! From the moment I saw the first cover, I was hooked!

We immediately pick up where we left off in Destiny and Deception, to make it better, Shannon has the last chapter of that book as the prologue in this one! So while it was just a few months for me, it was still nice to get that little bit, and will be nice for you guys as well if you haven't read Destiny and Deception since its release as well!

So like I said, this was a pretty intense read! Jessie is kidnapped for a good 100 pages or so, and while still getting the multiple perspectives from Alexi and Marlaena, we get to know what's happening everywhere! We know Alexi and his family are rushing to rescue Jessie and Pietr is worried more than anyone despite his aloofness that he projected last time around.

We definitely see a new side of Marlaena and while we get a little better understanding of her, I can't say that I like her. At all. She was a wedge between Pietr and Jessie and I did not like that at all! But that right there, of course, is great writing! It's one thing to love a character, but it takes skill to make you hate a character I think. Even if you can understand their actions.

There's still the need for the cure of course, a more permanent one and Alexi is doing everything in his power to find one! Even if it means getting outside help.

Some things that weren't totally focused on were the events of the school and working with Wondermann Corporation. I understood what was going on, but I can't remember the details of their part in past books. Like what they did, besides the BIG main thing of course. Basically all loose-ends were tied up in this book and I thought they were done pretty nicely, even if some of them seemed a little too cleaned.

We also get a little bit of a closer look at Derek and what he did, but I was still confused on his overall identity...one of these days I have got to re-read the series back to back, as I have a poor memory for details once I've read 100s of books in between each! Again, I'll say that some of the other loose-ends that were secondary plot threads were tied up, just a bit too cleanly for my liking. I was all for another book!

The ending, oh the ending! Shannon really pulled a fast one on me! And even after my emotional reaction, I thought it was nicely done! Seriously, I'm still reeling with how she ended things! Shannon truly wrote a fabulous series here and as you know I love it all! From cover to cover of every book, this will forever remain one of my all time fave series! I will end this review with these simple words: The 13 to Life series was GREAT! ;)

Overall rating 5/5 stars

Rivals and Retributions releases August 7, 2012

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