Jul 21, 2012

OMG! Talk about Weird!

Okay, so I'm watching TV, just veging out, taking a break from everything and I see this commercial for Chuck E. Cheese. I didn't really know what it was til near the end of the commercial because the mouse I saw was sooooo not Chuck E. Cheese! 

Needless to say, Chuck E. has been revamped! And now he's actually shown closer to mouse sized vs kid sized!

So here are some Chuck E. through the ages pics! The new Chuck is on the right!

The top image is probably one of the later ones, the bottom is the most recent Chuck! There was also a pic with him like that, but with the cap forwards! 

I can remember when the Chuck E. Cheese image looked like this:

He was wearing a bowler hat!! I think I might have even saved a token from this era too.

But then that's another thing...I remember when it was Showbiz Pizza! That was before Chuck E. Cheese! Although that was probably just in my early childhood! Can't recall what age, but just early on! Soon Showbiz Pizza became Chuck E. Cheese! I don't think Showbiz is still around! Did Chuck E. Cheese buy them out? Or did it just turn into Chuck E. Cheese?

These are things I don't really know! I just remember as a kid wanting to go to Showbiz Pizza, then it was all about Chuck E. Cheese! But this pic up here is kind of what I recall in my memories! There were more characters too, but this pic just really invoked a strong recollection, so that is what I went with! Oh Google, what would I do without you!

But yeah...the post started out just wanting to mention the new Chuck E. Cheese and how far his image has come over the years! Then it sparked the memory of Showbiz Pizza!

And now I really want some pizza, despite already having had lunch! ;)


  1. LOL - I heard they were going to revamp him into more of a "rocker" but hadn't seen the pictures yet. Too funny.

  2. I haven't heard anything about this! We go every year... that's what happens when you have two kids (and you're a big kid yourself LOL). He is cuter with the big ears though :0)

  3. The pic of "The Rock-afire Explosion" made me smile inside. I miss them so much.


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