Jul 16, 2012

Cover Copy Reveal--Third Blood!

I have been waiting for the release of Kalayna Price's Third Blood for forever! And it's almost here! I should be on the list for a review copy too!

But the cover art has been released! And it leaves me puzzled. It doesn't seem to fit with the first two, not that they were in total sync with one another. But the clockwork gears here, do leave one to wonder if this is a steampunk novel, at least that is what I saw in the comments at Kalayna's blog. But the series really isn't steampunk. It's urban fantasy.

This one definitely sounds exciting though! This is one of my fave series! Kalayna is more known for her Alex Craft series, but this one is equally good! Set in a closed world where paranormals aren't known about, there is a different feeling and whatnot to it, but still awesome! Sooooooo looking forward to seeing what will happen between Kita and Nathaniel! OMG, in the last one, Twice Dead, there was this awesome shower scene and... ;)

Going home after five years is difficult. It's harder still if you've changed species in the interim.

Kita Nekai, once the smallest shifter in Firth but now the newest vampire in the city of Haven, has no intention of returning home or informing her father and clan what she's become. Not that she has a choice. When the mage who holds her death certificate in his hands demands Kita return to Firth as his errand runner, she has to comply. Of course, there is no leaving her sire, Nathanial, behind. Which means introducing daddy dearest to the man—well, vampire—she may be falling for and confessing that she's lost the ability to shift. Talk about awkward.

Her homecoming goes from bad to worse when an attempt is made on her life, and Kita finds herself facing an unknown threat in a hostile world she never fit into in the first place. Can she survive long enough to complete the judge's task, stand trial before the elders for the rogues she created while on the run, and help defend her father's territory from an encroaching band of misfit shifters? Or is this cat down to her last life?

Third Blood is set to release in August 2012


  1. I never ever heard of these books. Now I want them. lol :)

  2. you're right it's very different, I agree it looks like a steampunk novel. I haven't tried this series yet but I love her Alex Craft books so I think I need to read this one as well.


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