Jul 25, 2012

Cover Copy Reveal--Hidden

Yayyy!! Marianne Curley's cover for her next novel has FINALLY been released! Marianne was one of the first fantasy/magic authors I read years ago. Old Magic released in October 2000, which sounds about the time I read it! Then her next novels came out in the years to come with the final book The Key in 2004. Which was when Marianne learned she had bone marrow cancer. She is now 8 years free of the cancer! Yay for Marianne!!

She posted all this at her blog: Old Magic Mountain if you want to read the full story! I am just so happy to learn that Marianne is doing well! I remembered writing to her before The Key came out and she had mentioned she had been ill for awhile. Very glad that those days are behind her!

And now finally, the cover reveal for her next novel Hidden!

When baby Ebony is snatched from the midwife, she is rent not only from her parents but also her betrothed. In her world, a special bond is formed with one other being - for eternity. But Ebony is no longer in her world; she has been hidden in ours. An angel on earth. Earth was the best place to conceal Ebony, to keep her from her kin who desperately seek her, and to keep Ebony from discovering for herself who she really is. But Ebony is coming of age, and then no one will be able to hide her true origins. She will be 'visible', and the one who stole her away will come back to claim her. But who will reach her first?

Hidden releases in March 2013. 

Well I've waited this long, I suppose I can manage another 7-8 months (depending on the date)! Just so freaking EXCITED though!!

If you have not read Marianne's books, I HIGHLY recommend them! They are filled with magic and the modern world and time traveling, so what's not to love?! Sadly I don't have reviews because I read these books nearly 10 years before I started blogging and I have yet to been able to re-read them and review them! They are however AWESOME!!


  1. I haven't even heard of this author! Thanks for letting us know about her! And a HUGE YAY to her for overcoming cancer! What a devastating ordeal. :(
    What a simply beautiful cover. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of her before - I'll have to check her out. I love hearing about cancer survivors; I wish her continued good health.

    That cover is simple, yet beautiful. Looking this one up now.

    Thanks, Jessica!

  3. I LOOOOOOVED The Guardians of Time Trilogy so I'm psyched to hear that she has a new novel coming out.


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