Jul 19, 2012

Random Thursday

Soooo, have you heard?

You're probably thinking heard what? Yeah, I hear a lot of things. ;)

Anyway, the news I'm talking about is something I heard last week and I wrote it down. Apparently FURBY is coming back!! Does anyone else remember Furby? The madness of the hot new gotta have it toy! First off, are me and my family the only ones who thought that this guy looked like a gremlin from the movie Gremlins? Naturally as the more furry Gizmo, though and shorter. Much much shorter!

So this is what Furby looked like 14 years ago, cannot believe it's been 14 years! But that's what the article I read says and it sounds right! I would've been 10-11!

And this is what the newer one will look like, or one of them! From what the article said, it seems like he's a one color kind of deal. But you never know! Probably in a few months after his debut, he will come out in more colors.

Honestly, he kinda freaks me out! I don't like the glowing eyes. I think the old one was cuter. But this one is supposed to be way better! And since we've adapted far with tech since the first Furby, this guy will definitely be all compatible with MP3 players and whatnot!

He'll have some of the same features as the old one, such as never getting it to shut up--the article's words! Communicates with other Furbys...you know the whole deal. Another new thing is the freaky ass eyes that light up!

And he's going to be sold at $60 "a pop" just in time for the holidays! (More words from the article)

So what do you think? Do you think people will go nuts over this guy again?


  1. These things are terrifying. These definitely look like gremlins and I am NOT a fan of the glowing eyes.

  2. To be honest, I still own a furby haha.
    But it's not as freaky as the new one is. those eyes seem a bit demonic of you ask me.

  3. My sister had a furby and that thing used to wake up in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of us! And we never got it to learn english so it just spoke nonsense constantly!

    I am trying to imagine if I would still be alive if those eyes had lit up in the middle of the night too! AAAHHHH!!!


  4. The eyes GLOW? Forget that, that thing is not allowed in my house. Porcelain dolls already creep me out as well as boohbah, I thought that was cute at first too but it got creepy after awhile especially when it would come on by itself saying "boohbah" in a sing song voice in the middle of the night. The new Furby looks creepy and the old Furby DOES look like a gremlin. I would like a pillow pet please.

  5. OMG IT'S FUUUUUUURRBBBYYYY!!!!!!! -teary-eyed-slow-motion-run-with-arms-open-wide-
    Goodness, I didn't know they were coming back, but that's awesome! I do, I do remember, though it was back when I was a little baby as well. but--oh gosh, is that the new one? O_O B-b-ut the older one's so much cuter!!! D:

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian


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