Jul 19, 2012

Toy Story 4!

Toy Story 4

Some more random news...

Disney and Pixar (and even Tom Hanks!) apparently are up for making a Toy Story 4!! I saw this yesterday, but after the blogger issue, I wasn't up for posting more!

But now I have to share!

There's not much info, other than knowing that this will likely be with the gang's new owner. I never did see the Hawaiian Vacation short that was in Cars 2.

There's also a new storyline in the works--not sure if they mean the movie or a short--but it will deal with Buzz and Zurg and a space-clad Woody and Rex! This is according to this article anyways, which apparently was from June 27, 2011!

Here's the article if you were curious and wanted to read it! It even mentions the teaser for Brave!


  1. I am so excited for this movie. My boys are huge Toy Story fans. It's so fun we can all go to the movies together!

    Reading With My Eyes Shut

  2. Childhood memories. What great movies for sure.
    I just posted a childhood memory on my blog as well. Check out my giveaway.

  3. I was really excited when I read that article! I can't wait until it comes out :D Also they just got the OK for a finding Nemo 2!


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