Jul 17, 2019

Emotions in Colors Book Tag

Last week was a great week for fun tags! This was another tag I saw over at JennReneeRead that looked like a lot of fun! They originally saw this over at Paper Fury and I borrowed this image from JennReneeRead!

a book that makes you sad

Have I mentioned that this one ends with the WORST cliffhanger ever?! It's only bad because THERE IS NO FINALE!! No answers. None. Zip! *I chose not to accept Gena's now redacted summary of how the final book would've gone. If I can'ts (yes, can'ts) reads it, it's not real.

bookworm problems that make you angry

Ooh, Ash makes a good point...the evil stickers that publishers and bookstore put on books are a bane to my bookish existence!


an upcoming book you'd be happy to have riiiiight now

Anyone surprised? Anyone?

favorite unlikely friends

Well, Hanna and Nik did have that awkward buyer and dealer kind of relationship to begin with, but it eventually turned into so much more!!

a book you are totally emotionless about

I never did get on The Hunger Games bandwagon, so you can pretty much say I am emotionless about it. Nothing against those who love it, I just never got into it.

a book ending that you absolutely loved

I mean besides Harry Potter--and that one left me an emotional wreck too--I'd say Immortal Reign was pretty much perfect!!

a book you never really understood

I know it's a big favorite among most of the bookish community, but I honestly didn't understand this one when I read it in high school. I mean...I didn't even really catch it when you-know-who died! I think I had to re-read that page twice! And it wasn't a denial thing either!

an author you're scared of

I mean, I guess you could say Susan Dennard. After Strange and Ever After, I'm kind of afraid to fall in love again. Lol.

a book you think is powerful and influential

Honestly, it was the first book that came to mind! Harry Potter is SO many things to so many people!

playful characters who are just too adorable

Yeah, I have to agree with Jenn on this one, Cress and Thorne were just adorable!!


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