Sep 1, 2020

ARC Review--Spring's Wolf by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Four Courts. Four Fae princesses in need of a shifter mate. And a war for the ages.

Lacey is heir to Spring Court. Yet, somehow she has found herself stuck in a frigid world. The one hot exception is Creighton, the wolf shifter who manages to both infuriate her and drive her wild with desire.

Creighton doesn’t know what to make of the Fae he finds out in the storm, but he does know he needs to make Lacey his.

When the two find themselves on a mission to save missing friends, will they give into their passion and help Lacey uncover a gift greater than she could have ever imagined?

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Alyssa Rose Ivy returns to the Court of Shifters world with Spring’s Wolf and this time, Lacey, Wren’s best friend, is up for the storytelling. Lacey wasn’t not expecting to run into her mate on this world saving trip with her best friend, but fate had other plans in mind for her.

Lacey and her friends are still trying to figure out a way to save the world from the rifts and shadow creatures wreaking havoc. Now that they know Wren is the one opening the paths between worlds, they have one problem figured out but the shadow creatures are still another problem entirely. When Frost and his brother, and Elron don’t return from a scouting mission, Wren and Lacey begin to worry. Then James decides they need to move camp and it’s on the way that they meet his friend Creighton and sparks immediately fly between him and Lacey. As you might guess, he is her mate.

Lacey and Creighton definitely have some connection going on as they can’t seem to stay away from one another from the get-go. When it comes out that they are fated to be together, all hesitations are over. But they will have to put their feelings aside when more lives get put on the line. They are eventually led to another world by a very familiar face. And it is then that three worlds collide. Yes, THREE! We have the fae world colliding with Energo, and now we have the world of the Chronicles coming in at full force.

I really enjoyed seeing all these worlds come together. Having read all the separate series over the years, I’ve seen two of them interact every once in a while, but having them all come together was just awesome! And in this one, we will learn more of what’s to come from this series and the coming heroines.

I guess one thing that might have bugged me a bit was how quickly Lacey and Creighton fell in love with one another. In the first book, Wren and Frost were already good friends and we knew Frost was in love with Wren and she was harboring feelings for him. So they’re getting together asap was expected. Lacey and Creighton didn’t know one another at all. Sure, they were flirting when they first meet and teasing, but then it’s in the next moment they learn of their fates and it seemed to seal the deal between them. I guess I just wasn’t expecting the instant in the insta love this time around. Not a big complaint, I guess I just wish that they could of have more time to fall in love instead of just be in love.

I felt like at the end of this one we had a few more cliffhangers than I anticipated. I wasn’t sure which direction this series would take after the first one. I kind of guessed we’d see the four seasons of the courts and that is the likely path now. There was just still so much left unsaid at the end of this one that I am anxious to see how the next book will tie it all together. I do see one nice connecting loophole though that gives a very nice opening. I mean, I suspected such a thing in the first book too because where there’s one single person, you know there’s another one out there for them and a story will bloom!

If you’re a fan of Alyssa’s books, then you are positively going to love this one! I adored all the connections the worlds are making and seeing so many familiar faces. I am eager to see what will be in store next! I’m guessing Autumn Court, but we shall see!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

Spring's Wolf releases September 3, 2020

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