Sep 10, 2020

Random Thursday

My newest book of true and bizarre facts is proving to be an intriguing one! I love that they're quick little notes in the book and that's it. It makes for fast reading too, though I admit, I'm reading this week by week with you all! Lol. Let's dive back into Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bulls#*t!

(image borrowed from Live Science)
Grass as we know it didn't develop until the Cretaceous period which was 145 million years ago. The Stegosaurus roamed the earth in the Jurassic period 155-150 million years ago, and during that time ate moss, fern, and other fauna.

Makes sense since I think he was in the original Jurassic Park

(image borrowed from Doug Wiki)
Around 80% of all animals are nematodes.

Freaky. I mean, the real nematodes are freaky looking, so I went with the safe one from Doug! LOL! 

(image borrowed from Nickelodeon Wiki)
The T.rex is estimated to have a bit force of about 13,000 pounds per square inch. The strongest animal today is the saltwater crocodile who has a bit force of 5,000 pounds per square inch, though the orca whale might actually have a higher bite force.

FUN FACT: Among the dinosaurs the only one to top the T.rex's bite force is the C. Megalodon with a bite force of 41,000 pounds per square inch.

Ouch! Much rather hang with Reptar! I got on a Nicktoon trip after that last picture! Lol. 

(image borrowed from Etsy)
We still use maggots to clean wounds. Back in 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration allowed the production and marketing of maggots for limited use as a "medical device."

Eww! You can see why I went with The Very Hungry Caterpillar instead of googling "maggots." 

(image borrowed from Pinterest)
Before the dinosaurs mushrooms were up to 26 feet tall! They were called Prototaxites and could be up to three feet wide as well! They were around 420-370 million years ago!

 Makes you wonder what was up in Wonderland, doesn't it?


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