Sep 24, 2020

Random Thursday

Ready to learn more totally true facts that sound like the opposite? Lol. True Facts that Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley continues to be a quick and entertaining read! Let's continue our read through on Nature!

(image borrowed from Healthline)
We think tomatoes originated in Italy, because, you know PIZZA! But they are actually grown in South America!

I mean I like salsa too!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
The tarsiers' eyes are as big as their brain! Their eyes are so big that they can't even move them. Their necks have evolved to allow their heads to swivel like an owl's does!

Omg, these guys are so cute! He's a real live Beanie Boo! 

(image borrowed from Medical News Today)
Did you know bananas are technically berries? Oh and raspberries and strawberries aren't.

Mind. Blown. 

(image borrowed from World Wildlife Fun)
A human being could swim in a blue whale's veins. A blue whale's heart is about the size of a car, so the veins have to be big too!

Whoa. I mean...I guess I should get it since they're so big! 

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
The Camponotus saundersi, a type of ant, can basically self-destruct and cause himself to explode as a defense mechanism during a fight with another ant. It has glands that are filled with a corrosive and sticky substance that can paralyze its attackers and save other members of its colony.

Where was that in A Bug's Life?! 


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