Sep 18, 2020

Review--Teeth in the Mist by Dawn Kurtagich

Before the birth of time, a monk uncovers the Devil's Tongue and dares to speak it. The repercussions will be felt for generations...

Sixteen-year-old photography enthusiast Zoey has been fascinated by the haunted, burnt-out ruins of Medwyn Mill House for as long as she can remember--so she and her best friend, Poulton, run away from home to explore them. But are they really alone in the house? And who will know if something goes wrong?

In 1851, seventeen-year-old Roan arrives at the Mill House as a ward--one of three, all with something to hide from their new guardian. When Roan learns that she is connected to an ancient secret, she must escape the house before she is trapped forever.

1583. Hermione, a new young bride, accompanies her husband to the wilds of North Wales where he plans to build the largest water mill and mansion in the area. But rumors of unholy rituals lead to a tragic occurrence and she will need all her strength to defeat it.

Three women, centuries apart, drawn together by one Unholy Pact. A pact made by a man who, more than a thousand years later, may still be watching...


Woohoo! Look at me! Another book read! Dawn Kurtagich has become a favorite author of mine ever since her debut. Her latest release (from last year) is Teeth in the Mist and the creepy is definitely amplified in this one! Though the description touts three points of view, it's more or less two with the occasional mysterious letter/diary entry from Hermione that will tie into everything in the end. Prepare yourself for a tale filled with horror!

The story starts in 1851 with Roan whose father recently passed away, leaving her an orphan and she's off to stay with a man she never met who is now her legal guardian until she becomes of age or marries, because this is the 1800s. Roan has a deep dark secret though, one that she's never told anyone, but her long lost friend from childhood who was taken away from her years ago. She's a witch, a real and truly powerful witch. When she comes to her new home, Mill House, she isn't sure what to expect, especially from her mysterious new guardian, Dr. Maudley.

There are other teenagers in the house with her, all new wards of Dr. Maudley; a sister and brother by the names of Emma and Seamus, and the brooding, Rapley. Roan isn't your average girl from the 1850s either. She's not about conforming to the "womanly duties" and whatnot. She and Rapley seem to be continually drawn to one another despite there being some animosity between them too.

Then we have present day where Zoey is about to embark on her own journey to discover the mysteries of Mill House where her father may have very well lost his mind to his work. For both Zoey and her father are able to practice magic, but at a cost. Zoey is determined to find out what he learned and possibly find a way to cure his madness, joining her is best friend Poulton.

The story goes back and forth between Zoey and Roan as they tell their stories. You don't truly grasp the connection until later, but we know right away that they are both in the same house just in different times. Then every so often we get these diary entries from Hermione Smith from 1583, so three centuries before Roan's time! I feel like it was a little harder to understand how she loops into the other two's history or whatnot, other than Mill House again. 

 I won't get into where Dawn clearly drew inspiration from, it's another old story, one I read years ago and can't quite remember but I remembered the general idea and Dawn takes it onto a dark new twist, which honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! Lol. Her stories are dark and creepy and never cease to terrify the bejeezes out of me! Seriously, you'll never want to wake up in the middle of the night in a dark bedroom ever again!

I will admit to be a touch confused with how things came to an end with this one. I mean, I got it, but I didn't get all of it. You know what I mean? I have many questions as to what happened to this character and that character that didn't give me a clear answer to in the end. But I mean, as far as endings go, it was pretty freaktacular! And with horror stories, wouldn't you rather have one of those jaw-dropping endings than an entirely happily ever after one? I know I do!

If you're wanting another a terrifyingly creepy read this Halloween I would recommend pretty much any book by Dawn Kurtagich! She is truly the Mistress of YA Horror!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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