Jun 13, 2023

Let's Discuss: Collecting Requirements


Where are my collectors out there? I thought of another discussion where I ramble and it led me to collecting books as that's essentially what I do besides reading them all! Lol!

Collecting Requirements

I know not everyone collects every edition available but with a recent influx of special editions being created, whether by stores in their exclusive format or by book boxes making super special editions, I have to wonder. What makes you buy these special editions for already favorite books? I'm thinking more in line with Fairy Loot and Owl Crate and other book boxes where they come out with a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION of X BOOK TITLE! You already know you love this story and the book is an established favorite. So do you buy this super special edition?

My answer a few years ago was always an automatic yes! But I soon realized I can't afford that, not with other pressing matters and one author addiction I can't give up, lol, care to guess who? So I have made myself pull back on all these gorgeous special editions.

I now must look at it as first who the author is and what title/series are we looking at. What my level of enjoyment was with said book/series. Then if there is any sneak peeks at cover art or appearance I do judge by that too! Every once in awhile I receive an order from one that I may have bought a little too hastily and think, what was I thinking? Other times and most times I am quite pleased with my life choices! Lol.

But for the most part, for me, it's all about the cover art and appearance. Bonus content would be nice, but at least on the book boxes end, they don't usually get to offer that.

But it just made me wonder. Do you have any set criteria for when you allow yourself to buy a special edition book of one you own and previously loved? What are your requirements of the special edition?

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