Jun 21, 2023

Let's Discuss: Flip-Flops or Slides?


Tis the season of summer! I am definitely not a fan, unlike 99.9% of the rest of the population in my city and state. Apparently I am the odd man out who loathes the increased heat and humidity, but everyone else basks in it apparently. Weird. Or I am I guess for hating it. But it is summer, which means it's sandal/flip-flop weather!

Flip-Flops or Slides?

So this is just a weird topic that came to mind since it's summer and I find myself shopping for new sandals and am struggling because my favorite brand changed their sizes on me! My regular size no longer fits as its too small and the size up is too big and they don't do half sizes. So I'm basically SOL.

But anyway, as I shop around for sandals my criteria is that there has to be, what I call, a toe-tong. Or you know basically a flip flop kind of sandal so my toes can essentially hold onto the shoe as I walk! Lol. I've also got really flat feet and what I liken to my health issues as a child growing up, my right foot is just slightly smaller than my left. So the toe-tong thing really helps on that front. 

The slides don't really work for me because I would almost need to buy two pairs of shoes in order for them to fit my feet. And that's still just a maybe. My right foot is just a touch smaller, and that kind of goes all around in circumference as well, I feel like. It definitely makes shoe shopping a struggle! It was worse as a kid when I was trying to find something to fit over the brace that was around my leg and foot, so basically whatever shoe fit that foot is the pair that I got! Lol.

But yes, when it comes to sandals I'm definitely more of a flip-flop/to-tong girl. I can't do the slides as they just don't fit my feet without them flying off! On a different note, I once wore a pair of slippers that were sort of slide like, but still had covered toes. Well, that wasn't smart as I was going down the stairs at home my slipper slid off my foot and I went tumbling down the last two steps. Not fun. So yeah, me and slides no longer hang. 


What is your preferred type of sandal? Do you have one? Do you like to wear sandals in the warmer weather?







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