Jun 13, 2023

Review--Cherish by Tracy Wolff


The sensational conclusion to the massive #1 New York Times bestselling series…

It’s been over three months since my friends and I took down Cyrus. Three months where my biggest fear was what paper was due next... But I should have known it was too good to last. Now everything is falling apart.

The Vampire Court has no king, the Dragon Court has no heart, and the Gargoyle Court has me—a teenager in way over her head. And it’s the worst possible timing, because a threat is brewing just as the Circle is collapsing.

I have no choice but to return to the Shadow Realm and face the terrifying queen who nearly ended us…and make a deal with her to save Mekhi. But this time, I’m bringing my powerful friends with me—and Hudson. Except something is wrong with him, too. He’s keeping a secret—even from me.

All I know is that everyone’s life hangs in the balance. And it’s my fault—because I still owe the Crone a favor...and now she’s come to collect.



Cherish is the long awaited conclusion to Tracy Wolff’s bestselling Crave series and it was one wild ride! I expected nothing less from this amazing author! This series has been a whirlwind of nonstop action, full of laughs, undying friendships and toe-curling romances! This series truly has it ALL and this is the finale we have all been waiting for!

Grace and Hudson are ready to travel back to the Shadow realm, not only to hopefully find Hudson’s beloved Smokey, an umbra he met on their last trip, but they also hope to bargain with the Shadow Queen and find a cure for Mekhi who is battling a poison that racked the Shadow realm. But that’s not their only problems, there’s also Grace’s upcoming coronation ceremony that is being put on hold for this latest adventure, and then there’s still the looming threat of the Crone who plans on starting an all -out paranormal war.

Grace and Hudson, of course, won’t be going at it alone, joining them are all of their friends who stick by them in times of trouble and need. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for better friends like these as they do everything for each other and I have always loved that group dynamic between them all!

Like every journey in this series nothing is ever easy. One quest soon leads to another then another and then maybe another for good measure! There’s always something going on in this world, so much so that you start to feel bad for Grace and Co. They really need a vacation, a real one! Lol.

The pacing was done very well! Like before, there’s so much happening, that things do take a bit to get started, but I never felt that made the story lack something. There was a lot to hash over from Court, the last “current” story from the series since Charm kind of had a “flashback” quality to it until the very end. Macy was still dealing with the secrets and trauma that erupted around her at the last story’s end; Jaxon and Flint were having their own relationship issues; Eden seems to be caught between a new love and a love that never got to fully form, so yeah, there’s a lot happening on all the fronts! I do wish we got a little bit more about where we left with Eden and her not quite a love triangle love triangle. And yup, that was totally meant to be a repetitive use of the terms! While we don’t always see the supporting cast in full light, what we did notice behind Grace’s shoulder was Eden kind of flitting between two people and I never really felt like I knew where her heart truly lied. And by the end, I still didn’t really know, so yeah, there’s a bit left unsaid in that area.

The story does take a few surprising turns before we reach that final chapter! I felt thoroughly engaged throughout the story and loved every moment of it to be honest! There was always something happening, be it action, romance, magic, comedic relief, or the never dying bonds of friendship and honestly, all those things are things I love seeing in my reads! Tracy Wolff is a pure magic with the proverbial pen and paper! I loved every heated moment between Grace and Hudson, every silly moment that popped up with Flint trying to break the tension, the heartfelt moments Grace shared with each of her friends. This book was magic in and of itself!

Really, what more can one say about such an epic saga! I know most people have left the vampire genre behind. But my heart never let go of it! Lol. While my vampire reads are few and far between these days, I still always love coming back to one and while the Crave series isn’t fully vampire, it’s just vampire enough for this vampire girl! This is truly a series for the paranormal reader without a doubt! There’s a little somebody for everyone in this series. Never has a series touched me so deeply before! I loved this series so much from characters and their growth to the heart-wrenching storylines to just about every aspect of the words from start to finish! This has been a series to grip my heart and never let go!  

Cherish was an amazing finale to an amazing series! This world is one I will never forget and I love that all the characters were in good places by the last page. I am excited to see what Wolff will do with her spinoff of the series next year and you can bet I will be waiting with bated breath for that release day to come! Paranormal readers of the world, be sure to check this series out, for this series was meant for us!


Overall Rating 5/5 stars







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