May 29, 2024

Let's Discuss: Similar Covers


So I was reading another post that talked about similar covers and it got me thinking about a few covers I could recall being very similar! I know that sometimes it's due to cover stock images getting pulled by different publishers and maybe doing some tweaking here and there. Not entirely sure how it all works and what not but feel like that could be part of the answer! 

Similar Covers

On the left we have Alyssa Rose Ivy's First that was a novella she wrote (2014) from her hero, Levi's point of view when her novel Flight was from the heroine's point of view. Then at book 3 in Jennifer L. Armentrout's Origin series they decided to change the gorgeous covers they had to ones with people...go figure as to why. I loved those OGs! But behold! In 2018, The Darkest Star was reprinted with this image to represent Luc. Ironically, both guys had an "L" name. 

Then ironically, the next set that I remembered also involved another JLA title! Abbi Glines' Existence not released in 2004 and I can't remember when I read it. Probably a good time later when my blog was up and running! Then while not the same cover and the first edition was even different from this one too, Obsidian clearly came from the same photo shoot here! I feel like all of us bloggers who were reading the Lux books at the time quickly became familiar with Pepe! Lol. I just remember thinking it was cool to have these two books and the majority of the Lux books looking like they came from the same photo shoot!

The next one I found were these two covers Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach and Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale by Christine Warren. These you have to look closely on. They aren't 100% the same, but I feel like they could be the same photo shoot. As the left cover the guy's arms are more down and on the right they are up. Plus we're dealing with half their faces on the right and he's ghostly on the left. But when I did a closeup look when I had them both in my hand awhile ago...before they went into storage, I was convinced they were the same couple! What's funny is the left is YA and the right is adult, but they seem to pull it off for both age ranges.

So my next problem was as I scrolled through my Goodreads list as again, my books are all in storage so posts like these are hard. They are based on my spotty memory or my Goodreads usage, is that when I pulled up one cover, I was convinced I saw one cover on another book but I only own one of the books. The "other" book is likely one from my spotty memory in the blogging days where I saw someone with said book and I was like OH! THAT LOOKS LIKE THE COVER FOR X TITLE! Problem is that other book was likely one not in my genre or scope of reading, so I cannot remember what it is! Lol. But I figure 3 is good enough! Lol!

Have you ever came across the same cover--or what looks like the same cover but could be from the same photo shoot or the same picture with a little skillful editing--on two different books? Which book did you see first and how long was it when you saw the second book? Looking at these examples, it really wasn't all that long for me! Lol.

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