Let's Discuss: I Remember Borders

I was bombarded with two decent enough discussion topics, so here I am again today with another! Pretty much any time I look at my beloved books, especially the ones from many many years ago, I see the Borders price stickers on back. I started leaving them on when I knew Borders was slowly getting into financial trouble, but I never once thought they would go out of business...

I Remember Borders

Borders was my favorite bookstore! I felt like they were more relatable to bookish people. I had quite a few locations in my area and one was even less than 10 minutes from my house! It was PERFECTION!! There were quite a few Harry Potter parties I was able to attend, book signings when I realized that authors actually might come to your store if you were so lucky, there was just this wonderful feeling that overcame me every time I went in. At least in my stores, stuff hardly ever moved! I've already had B&N move things on me multiple times and it sends me in a tizzy trying to find my genres!

I even still have my Rewards card! Because I was THAT girl!! I signed up for the card as soon as I saw it! And then after a year, they had the Premium version which I happily paid for every year and I got the MOST value from that baby! There were coupons every week! a 30% at least once or twice a month! It was truly the best bookstore chain ever! I know the importance of Indie stores of course, though I can't afford to shop there EVERY time, because yeah, I buy a LOT of books!

When Borders announced they were closing their doors for good on that sad, sad, dreary day in 2010, I was devastated. My world shattered because I literally didn't know where I was going to buy my books. 

I can't count the number of times I would spend in my favorite store, spending hours trying to find my next read. This was wayyyy before blogging peeps! I would park myself in the YA section and pull out every book trying to find one that said READ ME! It would take awhile before I found the ONE! The paranormal book that was always so hard to find wayyy back then! And then there were times I would find a book that continued a series I thought done--again, before blogging and investigating books and knowing release dates and all that jazz! I would do happy bounces to find my mom aka my ride! Those times she was shocked that I was done within 15 minutes! She hadn't even finished looking yet! 

Good times. Gooooood times.

Every time I pass an old location, I take a tiny moment of silence. And you know, a bit of resentment for whatever store dared to take Borders location.

Anyone else remember Borders and feel remorse? What are your happy Borders memories?


  1. I always bought a cool interactive set for my niece every year from Borders. Whether it was learning origami, learning to craft with clay, I loved getting her something was both fun and taught her something. I was really sad when Borders closed. Not that there's anything wrong with B&N but they're not the same.

  2. I MISS BORDERS EVERY DAY! I can't believe you still have your rewards card and that it's been closed for 8 years now!

  3. When I was teaching I used to stalk the bargain book shelves at Borders to purchase history and social studies books to fill the shelves of my classroom!

  4. I don't remember this store. I also don't think there were any around my area back then and I was too young. Plus, my mom wouldn't take me anyway. haha

  5. When I was first teaching, there was a Borders just about halfway between the town where I taught and where my sisters lived. So I'd meet them there for coffee and browsing pretty often. Other chain bookstores I remember include B. Dalton and Waldenbooks, but I'm pretty sure Borders was the first one I saw that also sold coffee and records.

  6. Yes! I always liked Borders more than B&N, though I'm not even sure why. Also they had more locations and were closer. And I went to a HP party at one once too! And I do have more good memories from trips to Borders than B&N. I too remember searching through those shelves pre-blogging days :-P I still remember where the (fairly small) YA section was since I always headed straight to it!

  7. The Borders we had in my home town was a Waldenbooks, but I loved it all the same. I loved hanging out in the children's and YA sections, even if they were small. I would pour over the books. I also had fun at the only Harry Potter midnight release that I went to (I discovered the series too late to go to any others). An independent bookstore replaced them as the bookstore in town, but it wasn't the same. I don't know if anyone has taken over Waldenbooks' place in the mall, but I'm not sure how I would feel about anything that wasn't a bookstore being in there.

  8. We didn't have a borders by my house. It sounds like I really missed out. Our closest bookstore s a Barnes and Noble that is almost 10 miles away. There ins't a single indie bookstore within 10 miles of my house that isn't niche specific (Christian, Muslim, African American are the only ones around). It's sad. That for sharing what you loved about this store. You are giving me some great ideas...

  9. I liked Borders, but I wasn't as emotionally attached to it as you are. I'm glad you have such great memories of the store!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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