Jan 9, 2018

Let's Discuss: The Downfall of Instagram

Another topic idea that popped into my head the other day, that I thankfully had the foresight to write down, was about the stupid craziness that Instagram has turned into! You might have seen my rant this past weekend on twitter, but I felt like hashing it out again here on my blog!

The Downfall of Instagram

It's been...what...2 years now since Instagram created their "oh so wonderful" algorithm? Where they reorganize all your following friends' posts into the order "you care most about", and in those 2 years or however long, Instagram has continued to ignore the plea of practically ALL its users to change it back!

Well Saturday, the most PERFECT example came up as to why it NEEDS to go back! I was on Instagram likely around 6:40ish in the morning, I was up early to try to snag a FairyLoot box for February and I wanted my shower first anyway. Lol! Anyway, I was all set to go and while I was waiting I scrolled through Instagram like I always do in the morning. Noted the awesome pics I refrained from liking since someone suggested not liking pics from past 4 or 5 hours ago, to help put the "newer" pics up at the top of your feed.

Anyway, I actually refreshed my page at 10 minutes early and saw that the boxes were LIVE! So clicking quick with trembling fingers I manage to snag a box! Whew! Then around 9:40am I hop back on Instagram to see what's what and lo and behold THERE at 3 HOURS LATER I see the post about FairyLoot boxes going LIVE! Early! And where was this picture when I was scrolling at that EXACT time?! NOWHERE to be seen!!

This is exactly why I LOATHE this dumbass algorithm! When it comes to time-sensitive posts from people/shops/authors you care about, you can completely and utterly MISS out on great opportunities because according to Instagram, you don't care enough about this particular user's posts! It's freaking RIDICULOUS! 

I don't understand why Instagram thinks I am HAPPIER to learn about a very important sale/shop going LIVE 3 hours AFTER it happens...3 hours AFTER I was ON INSTAGRAM!! It's wrong! 

Though I tweeted my outrage in this same manner, just shortened, I of course received no response from Instagram. I truly don't think they even have anyone to claim the role of customer service. That despite it not being something you pay for, we are still customers of a sort! 

Hell I'm at the point if they would reasonably price an offering to arrange the pictures of your friends and whoever you follow in chronological order for a year, I'd very likely do it! Not that I want to give them ideas, because I shouldn't have to pay to see my friends' and authors' and shops' posts in chronological order when it is VERY VERY important to see such things! Being notified of a 24 hour contest 3 days later isn't something I CARE about! Being notified of a sale going live 3 hours LATER when I was on Instagram 3 hours ago isn't something I CARE about!!

We seriously need to get an easy to do--i.e. none of that create an account just to vote/take a survey junk--worldwide petition to get Instagram to change it back to the way it was back in yonder year. Back when Instagram was fun and easy to use and not cause you one mother clucker of a headache!

So there's my rant! I know many other Instagram users I've spoke to in the past pretty much agree with me. How do you feel about Instagram's way of showing you posts from the people you follow?


  1. Some words on how it makes me feel. Annoyed, frustrated and overall its useless!They need to chance it back but I don't think thats ever going to happen!

  2. At least with FB you can click to see posts in chronological order instead of most popular. I feel like IG needs to have that same thing. I hate logging in (today) and seeing peoples Christmas posts. Not that there's anything wrong with your holiday pictures but it's JANUARY! I want to see your latest pictures. >.< I couldn't imagine trying to use IG as a platform for quick draw contests or announcements to purchase things.

  3. Hot damn, the downfall? I'm really over the algorithm as well. I use social media as tool to meet new people, not to have the same five IGers shoved down my throat so that they can keep getting sponsorship vids.

    I hadn't heard about the 4-5 hours ago theory, have you found it to be helpful?

  4. Here’s the thing that’s been bugging me lately: when you click on a hashtag you see the top posts first, right? It’s showing me all my own posts in the top posts. And they have like 30 likes so they’re not the top posts. Today it showed one with 6 likes in front of one with 400. Maybe Instagram is just really bad at math? I’m scared to look to see if the Most Recent section is actually in chronological order.

  5. I feel this on a deeply spiritual level. I see posts for sales DAYS after they happen. It drives me fucking insane! This is why I use instagram simply to like photos. I never use it for giveaways and shit, because what's the point? (this excludes the candle shop because I HAVE to but still...)

  6. Yes! I wasn't on IG before the algorithm changed, but I want to see the most recent photos and not all from the same small group of people. I want to see EVERYONE's shit who I've followed. Don't tell me who my online friends are! Just rude. I wish IG also had the same feature as FB where you can click and change from most popular to chronological. Why isn't IG listening to the people??

  7. I want my feed to show all the posts of people I follow, not only the ones some algorithm determines. --sigh--

  8. I'll confess that I don't know much about how Instagram works and I tend to just look at my feed randomly. I didn't actually realize that I wasn't seeing everyone's posts. That's sad!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. The thing that is driving me crazy about Instagram is that when I log in on my phone and start scrolling, I see a quick flash of something interesting that I want to look at and then the feed refreshes and it disappears! If I could just see every post in chronological order, this wouldn't be a problem, but with the algorithm, it's impossible to tell where to look for that post. Sometimes I find it, but many times I don't. Meanwhile, I'm seeing lots of posts dated last week sometime, many of which are giveaways, etc. that have ended.

    Katie @ Read-at-Home Mom

  10. I follow people from very different worlds - books, horses, fitness, music. Every so often I realize I haven't seen anything from one category in a LONG time. I think, "Didn't I use to follow a bunch of athletes?" then I go look at their actual accounts and they've been posting all along but I didn't get shown the pictures because I was liking the pictures I was shown about books or whatever. Frustrating. I don't use instagram as much as I used to for that reason.

  11. It's so annoying, I'm afraid I'll start ranting in this comment itself >.< I particularly hate when I'm following someone who's like super famous and their three pictures are chucked together but all are of different dates, like whyyy? I want to see everyone's latest pictures, but maybe that's too much to ask from Instagram XD

  12. what a great post Jessica! I don;t know much about about how Instagram works so this was very informative and eyeopening! I'm particularly getting annoyed by all the "sponsor" posts I get!


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