Jan 8, 2018

The Origin Event--Who's Going?!

Hey all! I haven't done one of these posts in forever! Okay, maybe 2 years? But in November of this year I'm hoofing it to Austin, Texas for the first (annual?) Origin Event hosted by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I've been dying to get to an Apollycon, it just hasn't been in the cards yet. But I decided I HAD to get to this event in its first running!! I LOVED the Lux series and to have an adult spinoff is a dream come true! One I didn't even realize I had!

So anyway, back on track...I've booked a hotel room for the weekend, arriving Friday and leaving Sunday, because vacation days will be sparse with my Orlando trip the month before! Lol! And anyway, I thought I'd really like to have a roommate! Of course, I am eager to go and didn't want to hinge this trip on that alone.

Basically this is an open call for a roommate for the Origin Event! I've got 2 Queens and would love to bunk up with another blogger/book lover/reader! If you're planning to attend but didn't book a room yet for whatever reason, hit me up! Send me an email (found in my review policy section), a DM (on twitter or Instagram, username for both is aGREATreader), whatever to get my attention and we can talk! Even if you know someone who might be going and might need a roommate, point them in my direction! Or me in their direction!

As per custom, I'm likely to post this reminder once a month until I (hopefully) reach success!

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